Who Knew?

Who knew that 19-year old Emma would have gotten picked to be One Direction's personal assistant? She and her best friend Gabby, who falls head over heels over One Direction, head out on their tour with them. While on tour Emma must make sure they are on time for their interviews and concert and get them whatever they need. As time goes on Emma begins to develop a close bond with all the guys, especially one really special guy, but if anyone finds out Emma could lose her job. Is it worth it?


3. The Interview

"What do you you think about this?"  asked Gabby, coming out of the bathroom wearing a white skirt and white top with a jean jacket.

"You look nice."  I said, while brushing my hair.

"Is that what you're wearing?"  asked Gabby.

"What's wrong with it?"  I asked.  I was wearing a nice black tank top with skinny jeans.

Emma's Outfit

Gabby's outfit

"You're going to be meeting One Direction and you're going in that?"

"It's a job, I'm not trying to impress anybody."  I said, grabbing the room key and my purse.

"You're really not trying to impress anybody?"  asked Gabby, smirking.

"No, I'm not.  It would never work with any of those guys anyway."  I said.

"Why not?"  asked Gabby.

"Because their world famous and I'm just a regular girl from a little town."  I said.

"So, you think you're not good enough for any of them to like you?"  asked Gabby.

I nodded.

"Look, I know you've had it rough since your sister died, but ever since then you've just sort of shut down and you second guess everything about yourself."  she said.

"I'm sorry."  I said, looking down.

"It's fine I just don't want you bringing yourself down in front of me.  You're gorgeous and any of the guys in One Direction would be lucky to date you, not the other way around."

"Thanks, Gabby.  We should go or we'll be late."  I said.

"Alright, let's go.  Try to not get so tongue tied around them tonight." 


"This is incredible."  said Gabby, as we walked into the building.

"I know, it's amazing."  I said.

"There you are, Emma."  said Mia, coming up to us.

"What do you need me to do?"  I asked.

"The boys are in the dressing room getting ready, you can go ahead and go down there."  she said, walking away.

"Gabby, I'm getting nervous."  I said, my cheeks getting a bit red.

"Don't be nervous, just talk to them like you talk to me."  she said.

"Alright, I can do this."  I said, walking down to the dressing room.

I knocked on the door and then we went in.

"Um, hi.  I'm Emma, the new assistant."  I said to them.

"Yeah, Liam and I met you earlier."  said Niall.

"Um, yeah, so if their's anything you guys need you can just ask me."  I said, starting to leave.

"You two can hang out in here if you want."  said Harry.

"Sure."  said Gabby, going to sit down next to Harry on the couch.

I swear that girl isn't afraid of anything.  I went and sat on chair next to Liam and Zayn.

"So where are you girls from?"  asked Louis, who was sitting on the couch with Harry and Gabby.

"We're from Grover."  I said.

"Where's that?"  asked Zayn.

"It's in Iowa."  I said.

"Really?  What's it like?"  asked Harry.

"Boring.  There's absolutely nothing to do there.  That's why Emma took this job."  said Gabby, who was only focused on Harry.

"I promise, you will never be bored when you're with us."  said Liam, winking at me.

"That's comforting."  I said, smiling.

"Is that the only reason you took the job?"  asked Louis.

"No, I needed something to do until I could get into Yail."  I said.

"That's impressive."  said Liam.

"She doesn't think so, she got all upset when she found out that she wasn't getting in until next year."  said Gabby.

"Really?"  asked Liam.

"Yeah, a little bit.  I'm glad I get to do this, though."  I said.

"We're glad to have you here.  I just hope you won't get annoyed with us and leave."  said Niall.

"Don't worry, I don't scare that easy."  I said.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost seven-thirty.

"You guys better get out there."  I said, standing up.

"You're right."  said Liam, standing up too.

"It was nice sitting with you two."  said Harry, as they were leaving.

"Wow, that was so cool."  said Gabby, as soon as they were gone.

"I know.  I can't believe I actually managed to talk to them."  I said.

"I'm real proud of you for that, by the way."

"Thanks."  I said.

"Anyway, did you see the way Harry was looking at me."  squealed Gabby.

"Yeah, he couldn't take his eyes off of you."  I said.

"So you think he likes me?"  she asked.

"Of course he does."  I said.

"How do you know?"  

"He would be crazy if he didn't."  I said.

"Really?"  she asked.

"Yes.  Let's go watch the interview."


"I can't believe we got to see a live One Direction interview."  said Gabby, as we waited for the guys in the dressing room.

"I know and just think, we'll be able to watch them perform onstage for all their concerts."  I said.

"We have got to be the luckiest girls in the world."  said Gabby.

"We are."  I agreed.

Just then the guys came in.

"Still here, Emma?"  asked Louis.

"Of course."  I said, getting up.

"Is there anymore water bottles?"  asked Liam.

"Nope, all out.  I can go get more."  I said.

"You don't have to, I can do it."  said Liam.

"It's kind of my job."  I said.

"Right.  How about I go with you then?"  asked Liam.

"Uh.."  I began, but Gabby jumped in and said, "You guys should go together."

"Great, then let's go."  said Liam.

As I was leaving I saw Gabby smirk at me.  Bitch.  I would have to remember to get her back later.

But the only thing I could focus on right now is the fact that I was walking by myself with Liam Payne.




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