A huntress in London

A story I actually wrote for a competition on here a while back but didn't finish...want to see whether it's worth developing some day!


1. The beast that stalks her

Don’t run.  That’s what it wants.  It wants you to run so it can chase you. Deep breaths…..in……out……in…..

The girl was trying to keep herself calm.  She had only just left the Natural History museum after collecting the ethereal artefact, and they had already found her.  She had taken extra precautions, made absolutely sure no-one had followed her to the museum.  They must have been waiting for her.  Did that mean that they knew she had it? She quickened her steps, not enough to alert the monster behind her.  He matched her pace.  The girl raised her gaze slightly to look around her in the walk way.  It was deserted.  At least she wouldn’t have to worry about any humans getting injured. 

Keep calm, don’t turn and look, and whatever you do, don’t run! Her mentor’s instruction echoed through her mind.  He’d been dead for almost a human century, and yet she could hear his voice as clearly as if he were walking next to her. 

The girl assessed the situation.  She was close to the underground train station.  She had to time this right.  She couldn’t afford to be trapped in a small metal tube with the creature, especially when there might be human civilians.  That would draw attention.  She had to make it to the tube just in time so the doors would close right behind her, leaving the creature on the platform.  If she ran, it would chase her, and catch her.  It was the creature’s nature.  It would enjoy the chase, and savour killing her, ripping her open to watch her heart stop beating. That’s how it hunted it’s human prey.  It caused them to have that creeping feeling, like they were being watched.  It would follow them, creeping closer and closer every time they turned to look, and when they finally broke into a run, it would chase them until they couldn’t run anymore, ripping them open to watch their heart beat stop.  She refused to die like that.

The girl could hear a train approaching the opposite platform to her.  If she picked up her pace, she could just make it across.  The creature wouldn’t be able to reach her before the train left the platform.  It would have to go around instead of over the tracks.  But she would have to run.  And that went against everything her mentor had taught her.  She closed her luminous eyes, and urged herself not to panic.  A raise in heart rate would alert the creature to her intentions.  She allowed herself to round the corner and walk up the steps, then released the tension in her muscles and rushed forward without breaking her stride.  She heard the creature drop to all fours and give chase, but she blocked it out.  She kept her feet moving, leaping over the ticket gates and sprinting to the platform.  She heard the crunch and screech of metal as the creature connected with the ticket gates, destroying them.  She didn’t turn to look.  That would just give the creature a chance to catch her.

As she got to the platform, the lights of the train shone down the tracks.  She didn’t stop.  There wasn’t time to pause and consider her plan.  She simply leapt.  The front of the train caught her back leg and spun her as she landed on the platform.  As she slammed into the wall, she heard the enraged shrieks and growls of the creature.  She smirked to herself and stood up gingerly to get on the train.  She wasn’t seriously hurt, but she would be stiff and sore later on.

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