A huntress in London

A story I actually wrote for a competition on here a while back but didn't finish...want to see whether it's worth developing some day!


3. An invasion of privacy in a most gruesome way

The seeker removed his bloody hands from Anka’s head.

“she gave something to the human when she helped him up, shortly before the Wraith caught her.  There was no interaction between them, she slipped her hand inside his jacket and placed something in the pocket.  He doesn’t know what he possesses, so no need to draw attention  by killing him”.

The seeker looked over to the man by the window.  Known as the puppeteer, he was one of the most feared creatures in their world, alongside the seeker himself.  The seeker could discover your secrets, but the puppeteer could make you do things against your will.  They had brought the Immature Huntress girl Anka to the tower of London.  If any humans heard her screams, they would laugh it off and blame it on one of the many legendary ghosts that roamed the hallways.

The puppeteer took a phone from his pocket, dialled a number and held it to his ear.  After a very short muted conversation, he hung up and replaced the phone in the pocket of his black overcoat.  He turned towards the huntress kneeling in the middle of the floor with the seeker stood behind her, his black-gloved hands linked behind his back.  He walked to stand in front of the pair, giving the seeker a level stare.

“The artefact in the humans possession was blank, a decoy most likely.  Try again”.

“If I try again, she will die.  Then we will never find the artefact”.

The puppeteer looked down at the huntress.  She was glaring at him with blood-shot eyes.  Her face was covered in blood that had slowly been seeping from the wounds on her temples caused by the seekers delving, as well as from her eyes and mouth.  The contrast of those luminous blue eyes against the shining red of the blood was unsettling.  The pair had been torturing her for hours and she was still resisting, causing her to bleed more profusely. 

“tell us where the artefact is, Little Huntress”.  His tone was level, his gaze never leaving hers.

“You will never find it.  I will die before I reveal it’s location”.

The puppeteer sighed.  He brought his hands to his sides, and clenched his right hand into a fist.  As he did, Anka’s throat closed, cutting off her air supply.  She gasped, fighting the puppeteers influence.  Her vision started to tunnel out, and just when she thought she was finished, the puppeteer released her.  Anka fell on forwards, gasping for air. 

While the puppeteer and the Seeker moved over to the window to discuss their next move, Anka assessed the room.  There was one door that led to the rest of the building.  She could sense the humans moving below her, and the stairwell behind that door leading to the floors below.  That door was locked, the key in the puppeteers pocket.

Behind her was another door that led out onto some form of balcony.  Escape from the two men was impossible.  There was only one option left to her.  She was going to have to destroy the artefact here and now, instead of at her sanctuary.  Fire would have been the best way, but submersion in water would also work, if slower and not as definitive.  Here goes….

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