A huntress in London

A story I actually wrote for a competition on here a while back but didn't finish...want to see whether it's worth developing some day!


7. A whole new world

Anka slammed her fist into the Hunters solar plexus, followed quickly by a heel of her palm to the underside of his nose.  In the moment where he stumbled backwards, Anka darted around him and dashed for the door.  she made it through and halfway down the hallway before strong arms wrapped tightly around her bare midrift and lifted her from the floor.  Anka felt the hunters blood dripping from his broken nose onto her back as he wrestled with her flailing limbs.  She shrieked in frustration and anger at being constrained.  In the struggle, they lost their balance and fell to the floor.  He rolled on top of her, pinning her firmly in place, unable to move.  Anka shrieked again, too infuriated to form coherent words.

"Hunter, let the poor thing go, i think you're crushing her with your excessive muscles"  a cool, clam voice said from the other end of the corridor.

Anka frowned , tilting her head back so that she had an upside down view of the corridor behind her.  Another male Hunter stood by the door to the room she had just escaped.  this one was even taller than the one currently straddling her, but he was slimmer, more lithe.  he reminded her a little of a fox.  Complete with cunning.  The fox-hunter smirked.  "Is she naked?"  he asked the Hunter on top of her.

straddling-Hunter grunted his assent.  Fox-Hunter tutted and meandered down the corridor, appraising the sight before him.

"Oh, For heavens' sake Hunter, let the poor thing up!  she looks barely old enough to hold a sword!"

Anka flushed with anger as Hunter removed himself from on top of her, and pulled her upright in one swift motion.  She looked at him, frowning.  "you're name's hunter?" she asked.

"My master wasn't exactly kind or courteous," he replied, indicating his scarred wrists and neck, "he didn't have the time or inclination to give me a proper name."

Anka looked away.  She couldn't imagine being owned by such a master.

"I'm sorry" she mumbled.  Hunter grunted and looked at the floor, suddenly uncomfortable.

Fox-Hunter tapped her on the shoulder, smiling.  "My name is Renshaw.  It's nice to meet you...." he trailed off, eyebrows raised.

Anka realised he was waiting for her to fill the gap with her name.

"Anka.  my name is Anka"



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