A huntress in London

A story I actually wrote for a competition on here a while back but didn't finish...want to see whether it's worth developing some day!


2. A sudden chill...

As the train left the platform, the girl sank into a seat on the empty carriage.  She pushed her hood back, revealing her Lilac hair, glowing blue eyes and porcelain skin.  To the humans, she would appear as a goth with dyed hair and contact lenses.  The idea seemed ludicrous to her.  From what he’d seen in image captures, her appearance was quite generic for her kind, although her hair was lighter than most of the images she’d seen.  Being the last however, she would never know if she was truly generic for her species or not.  After using her senses to check for threats on the train, she closed her eyes and slunk down in the seat. She saw a blur of activity behind her eyelids, all the humans who had been in the carriage within the last couple of hours.  She watched the activity as the train passed through several stations.  She had always been intrigued by the humans, their ambitions and emotions, the diversity between appearances and temperaments.  She wondered how they could fit so much into such a short span of time.  She had lived for several of their centuries, and yet she was still not fully matured.  The premature death of her mentor meant that her training, and subsequently her maturing, had been put on hold.

A sudden chill ran through the carriage as it began to slow for the next station.  Her eyes snapped open as a single word screeched through her mind: WRAITH.  She had to get out of there and fast. Raising her hood, she slipped through the opening door of the carriage and ran as fast as she could, not worrying about being seen by human civilians.  She reached the top of the stairs leading to the street, her heart hammering.  She kept running.  It was pointless trying to calm her nerves.  A Wraith caused and fed off its victims fear.  Trying to block her fear would simply waste energy.

She came to a side street and turned the corner, colliding with a young human man.  He fell backwards, pulling her down on top of him.  The man groaned, the contents of his bag spilled across the ground.  The girl could sense the Wraith.  It was close, but not so close that it would see her.  She pulled the man to his feet, briefly acknowledging his face so she could identify him later whilst she slipped her hand inside his jacket.  She gave him a brief tight-lipped smile and muttered an apology, then continued to run down the road.  However, the collision had cost her.  She could feel the chill of the wraith run up her back as it got closer.  She pushed herself harder. Just keep running.

Her body was starting to tire.  Her leg was starting to hurt from the impact with the train earlier.  Her pace was slowing, and the Wraith was getting closer. Just keep moving.  Finally she felt something cold reach around her chest.  Her leg gave way beneath her and her vision blacked out.

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