A huntress in London

A story I actually wrote for a competition on here a while back but didn't finish...want to see whether it's worth developing some day!


4. a most noble sacrafice

She leapt to her feet, ignoring the pain screaming through her entire body, and raced for the unlocked door behind her.  She slammed it shut and began to frantically climb up the brick wall outside to the roof of the tower.  When she reached the top, Anka straightened and looked out over the City of London.  The sun was beginning to set, turning the sky a blood red.  She closed her eyes as a memory washed over her….

Her mentor stood before her, the blood red sunset behind him.

“Remember Anka, you are a Huntress.  It is your duty to track potential threats to the ethereal races, and prevent anyone from using them.  Fire will be your best tool for destruction, but we will cover fire conjuring later on.  First, I must teach you how to transport artefacts safely”…..

Anka looked down at her left hand.  She pulled back the sleeve of her hoody and looked at the ancient script running up her arm in a decorative pattern.  She had warned the puppeteer that she would rather die than give him the artefact, and now that was exactly what she would do.  She crossed the tower, aware that the puppeteer was following her.  She turned to face him as he climbed onto the roof.  He stood and levelled his gaze on her.  As he raised his right hand towards her, she smirked at him, raising her arms out to the sides.

“May the gods favour my cause”

And with that, Anka stepped back off the ledge to be greeted by the icy black depths of the Thames.

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