Garage Band

Started in a garage. Ended on stage.
They were 4 normal boys from Sydney, Australia, who started singing through YouTube and went on to practice in they're garage's. But when they run into a old crush of theirs, who is trying to over rule the boys, we'll just have to see what the boys can come up with to win the hearts and love back of their fans after she so cruelly tries to ruin everything that they have accomplished.


1. Prologue

Luke's POV


"You boys ready?" The stage manager asked us as we were handed our instruments.

    My heart was thudding in my chest, just like before any other show. But this one felt different to me for some reason. Not for the fact that my brothers and parents where here, but I just sensed something was different.

    "Yeah, we're ready as always," Ashton cheered followed by some 'yeah's' from Calum and Michael. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and exhaled hoping it would calm my nerves. I nodded my head, not saying a word. One of the stage crew popped his head out from behind the side wings and gave us the thumbs up. Michael walked out onto the stage, followed by me, Calum and then Ashton as we were all hit by a wave of hundreds and thousands of fans. The lights shining brightly as we took our places on the stage after we gave the audience a bow. The music started to Don't Stop and I looked down and locked eyes with one of the most gorgeous girls I had seen who was standing in the front room. She had a black leather jacket on, with red lipstick. Her hair was in ringlets, her pink dip-dye standing out with her blonde hair. She looked oddly familiar but I still smiled down at her and looked over to Calum and Michael as we all exchanged smiles. But when I looked back down at the girl, she was no where to be seen.




At the end of the show, we ran off stage and gave our guitars to the stage crew, as we were soaking with sweat from the bright stage lights. It wasn't a pretty sight or smell in all honestly. By we were heading for showers so we didn't care. I wanted to tell the guys about the girl who was in the front row, but they'd never believe me that she had disappeared into thin air. As we walked down to our dressing room to get some towels and fresh clothes, sitting in our dressing room was the same girl who was standing in the front row.

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