Garage Band

Started in a garage. Ended on stage.
They were 4 normal boys from Sydney, Australia, who started singing through YouTube and went on to practice in they're garage's. But when they run into a old crush of theirs, who is trying to over rule the boys, we'll just have to see what the boys can come up with to win the hearts and love back of their fans after she so cruelly tries to ruin everything that they have accomplished.


2. New Opening Act

Luke's POV


We all looked at her in confusion as she just smirked up at us. Oh, her smirk though. I'm sure she had the same affect on them as she had on me. She sucked her bottom lip in which drove me crazy. Crazy for two reasons though. One, just the way she looked seductively at me and two was the fact that I still couldn't remember her.

    "Fuck," Michael muttered under his breath which gave me the idea that she was getting to him just as much as she was getting to me.

    "Seriously, you guys don't remember me?" Her think Australian accent was sweet and kind but hinted how playful she was being towards us. The boys and I all shared uncertain glances as she got up from where she currently was. Her curled hair bouncing with each step she took. Ash suddenly looked flushed as she stood in front of him, biting her lip as Calum, Michael and I all looked at her cautiously. "Really don't remember me, Ashy?" She giggled. All Ashton done was blink at the girl stood in front of him.

    "What are you doing back here?" Calum blurted out randomly. Michael hit him hard in the stomach, causing him to groan and clutch his stomach in pain.

    "Remember all the band rehersals I used to drop in on.." The gorgeous girl in front of us asked, wrapping her hair around her finger, twirling it slightly.

    "Lola." We all breathed out in sink earning a quiet laugh from her.

    "I knew you'd remember soon enough. Although I am hurt that you never remembered me, babe," Lola said looking at Ashton. It was quiet for a few moments, all of us looking over the girl stood in front of us. Its been 3 years, and she's changed so much. She used to be a shy girl, never really hung around with anyone let alone flirt with guys, but here she is, doing exactly that while looking even hotter than any of us could have imagined.

    "You look," Ashton started before stopping to look her up and down before continuing, "different." He finnished.

    "Dirrerent?" Lola asked, almosed like she was hurt in a way with his comment.

    "Oh, but in a good way. You look hot..." Ash trailed off, his cheeks turning red as he became flustered. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I mean you are hot, but-"

    "I get it," Lola giggled holding her hands up at him. "Thanks for the comment." Ash gave her a weak smile before bowing his head in embarrassment before she turned to us. "You guys haven't changed."

    "You never answered my question as to why you were back here, y'know?" Calum stated with a cocky tone which he earned death glares off me and the other lads.

    "I'm here because I'm your new opening act." That is all she said before walking past us and leaving us in the dressing room.

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