Princesses and Astronauts

Angela is troubled 17 years old girl from small town, when her mum dies she has to move with her dad who she had never met and who lives in California and she though anything couldn't be worse she meets old ghost from her life.


3. God and Satan


someone tapped my shoulder as i turned away and met those familiar brown eyes. flashbacks hit body and took the last happiness off my body returning me empty,confused and weak feeling in my body. i felt like my knees was to give up at anytime. "Joshua." i said but it came like quiet whimper of pain. "Angel."he said. just like nothing happened. just like we were the god damn good friends for seeing each others first time for ages. like we shared something beautiful. that shy and nervous smile on his lips. another flashback entered my brain. it was the day when i first saw him. he gave me the same eyes the same shy smile what he gave me in that god dammit bus making me fall all over him for a blink of an eye. but right now i was boiling. "i have missed you." he said."DON'T." I said simply before running away from him. away from the school. my knees gave in as i had run to crass field near to school. i landed on my but and got back to my feet and walked to near park and sat on the bench where i buried my head to my hands. and then lifted my head off my hands and bite my teeth as i looked the people walking past. and fountain further. i felt like ripping my hair. what was so bad that i had done? to deserve this? wasn't my mothers death enough!? wasn't the pressure of walking in to school full of strangers painfully enough? what next? "is this seat taken." said manly voice what made cold shiver run down my spine. i shook my head it was impossible to me to speak with out cracking in cry at anytime. "you okay?" the voice asked again. really?! i asked. really,couldn't the freaking person just let me be. what the hell did he wanted? was he going to ruin my day more? i was pissed and turned my head to his direction ready to give ugly stare but my face went in the earth was possible to glare rudely to someone so handsome like this guy? he was wearing gray suit what looked expensive he looked really rich and important. he had black styled beautiful hair and piercing blue eyes and beautiful jaw he must be the most beautiful human being who i had ever saw. "uuumm. i don't know." i said finally. "how about you?" i asked. "i'm okay. i think. what do you mean you don't know? something happened? not wanting to sound rude but shouldn't you still be at school?" he said. "i should, but no way i'm going back there." i said. "how so?" he said. "you are curious one i see." i said. he smiled little. so i found my self open up about everything to this interesting and charming young man. 


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