Princesses and Astronauts

Angela is troubled 17 years old girl from small town, when her mum dies she has to move with her dad who she had never met and who lives in California and she though anything couldn't be worse she meets old ghost from her life.


1. Friday 13


does everyone love Fridays. well i don't. it was 13th day of may and little did i know that it would be the worse day of my life. i was clueless. my smile frowned away and i felt my eyes to water as the school bus stopped in front of my house. my house was burned down. ambulances,fireman and polices rushing around the yard. "MUM MUM!" i yelled peoples heads turned to me. "where is my mum? is she okay?!" i yelled. no one answered. they just looked me i could see the sadness in theirs eyes. "is she okay?" i asked. "i'm sorry miss." the officer said. "what?" i asked and tears were already streaming down my cheeks. "she didn't make it." he said. i collapsed to ground. "this is just a bad dream." i screamed as i felt arms hugging me and lifting me back to my feet it was my Mrs Daniels from the next door. i cried as she hugged me. 

"your dad will be waiting you in airport." social worker said before i had to leave to plane.the plane landed after few hours. its been week. since i lost my mum. the most important and dearest human in my life. i didn't have luggage my all stuff was gone. the only thing i had left from my mum was the necklace she was wearing. it belonged to her grandmother and she said when she would be gone it would be mine. i walked out the plane. i didn't even know what my dad looked like. how the hell would i be able to meet him? i saw guy maybe same age my mum was. he looked familiar.

flashbacks to funeral  "Angel-  someone yelled. "don't talk to her.come Angela lets go." My aunt said as she took me by hand and dragged me away from man who yelled my name. he was too in funeral but i have never seen him before. "who was he?" i asked. "no one important. now lets go." my aunt said. flashback over

he saw me and took deep breath before took steps closer to me."Angela." he said i could hear the hint of sadness in his voice as he said my name. "are you my dad?" i asked. he looked me and nodded before pulled me into hug. i saw tear roll down his cheek as he pulled away. when i sat in plane i was angry to my dad 'cause he didn't contact me before and he wasn't part of my life. but when i saw the bags under his eyes and his sad face and tear rolling down his cheek the all anger was gone. "you look just like her." he said quietly. i didn't say anything. "let's go. i think i own you an explanation." he said quietly. i followed him out of the airport to parking lot where i got in his range rover."you may want to know why i haven't been in your life before. the thing is complicated. and i promise to tell you someday. but maybe now you have had enough rough things in your life. and it's better that i won't tell right now, but i promise to tell you." he said giving me sympathetic  look. "okay." i said quietly. my dad's house wasn't big but it wasn't small either it had three bedrooms two three bathroom big kitchen and living room it was actually nice. "this will be your room. you are surely tired we will buy everything whenever you want." he said. "oh actually i had slept the hole flight." i said. to be honest i was curious of this city. i was in Los Angeles for heavens sake. we ate dinner and after that my dad took me to mall and we bough all clothes and stuff i needed. he was kind. hes name is Roger by the way. he is quiet but i will get along with him i think. crying my self into sleep and pressed the necklace tight to my chest wishing my mum was alright in heaven and saying that i loved her before i drifted in dreamless sleep.


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