Princesses and Astronauts

Angela is troubled 17 years old girl from small town, when her mum dies she has to move with her dad who she had never met and who lives in California and she though anything couldn't be worse she meets old ghost from her life.


2. Blind man

He looked  at her like blind man who got his sight back and saw the sun for first time. 


here i found myself, my dad left me in front of the big building what was my new school. all these unfamiliar faces. these hole place was like hole different planet. where i used to live school was like five times smaller. everything was simple.i gulped as i found my self opening the door and stepping in. i walked down the halls few student noticed me and they just stared me. everything is going to  be fine. i whispered to my self. 


-strangers pow

"have you heard about the new girl?" My best friend said. i shook my head. "she will take same classes with us. i saw her at the hallways. shes beautiful but looks like some small town girl she looked shy. but she is cute." he said. "cool, well maybe you she will be your next." i joked. i  really couldn't give a shit. "yeah maybe." he said smirking. the class was cut by knock on the door. "oh it must be her." our history teacher said. the door opened and everyone stared curiously the new student in front of the class. my mouth went dry and all the noises became mute as i stared her i blinked my eyes making sure i wasn't seeing things. but there she stood. maybe she just looked like her. it couldn't be her. what would she do in California. "say hello to your new class mate Angel Collins." our teacher said. and my heart skipped a beat. it really was her. "i totally will try to get a change c'moon look at her." Simon said. i turned my hear to him and shoot him icy glare and spoke. "don't you dare, with all respect. shes mine." i whispered. Simon stared me with wide eyes."i though you aren't interested of girls because of the girl back at your hometown." Simon said. "well she is the girl from my home town." i said dryly. "oh." Simon said. she didn't see me yet. but she will. and this time she will be mine. this time she wont slip through my fingers.


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