I miss you


9. 9

‘’Urm, Luke, Jai…’’ I started
they looked at me with nervous faces.
''Ihaveaboyfriendwhoisinthearmytillnextyearandimscaredjailikesmeandwantstogooutwithmebutihavejoshandilovehimnotjaiandohmygawd...'' i rushed out
everyone looked at me with blank exprssions then jai spoke up
''i have a boyfriend...''

Jai looked at me. Luke looked at me. 

''what....'' Jai started before getting up and going outside

''Jai wait! let me finish!'' i shouted my eyes starting to tear up

''ill go mercy, but tell me why you said nothing first.'' luke asked me

here goes...

''okay. 16 months ago... my boyfriend Josh,he,he left for the army. hes still there and his sister told me i shjould see what its like, going on dates ith someone new...incase i lose him. problem is, i keep having to cancell with him because nexpected army wifes meetings get held. there basically were the family/friends of a soldier go to this meeting and they read out the soildets lost. there every week. once a week everyweek. you dont have to go to all of them,but i do, in fear that if i miss one, his name will be read out. Thats why ive been so glum recently. i have one tomorrow. and to be honest im terrified.'' i said tears dripping silently down my face.

''aww, Mercy...'' Luke said, he was crying, he came to me and gave me a big hug

he got up and went outside to jai, then Jai came bvack in and hugged m soi tight i could hardly breathe.

''so thats the important meeting you had, why didnt you tell me?'' he said looking at me,holding my shoulders

''i dont know Jai, i was scared. i dont know why.'' i said

''irts okay, now shall we just get some food, me and you can just stay besties, luke and becky can date if they must haha'' Jai said making luke and becky blush

''shut up bro'' luke mutterd

we went and got the food and jesus christ! it was the best food i'd ever had in my entire life. my phone beeped


J-hey gorgous...can i call my bestie that? or is that wierd...
M- naa, thats fine stud hehe
J- i knew i was a stud!
M- Dont push it Jai haha
M-your gonna make me laugh...
J-look up

~~~~~~~~~~~~~i looked up to see him pulling a pig face~~~~~~~~~~~~

M-....dirty pig...hehehe ;)
J-hahaha yups haha lol
M- can we be super close besties that tell each over everything.?
M- yayyyy!!!!
J- Mercy,whens the next meeting....?

~~~~~~~i looked up to a serious face~~~~~~~~~~~~

M-tomorrow. 12:45
J- i want to come
J- please. i wanna be there for you.

I turnd to becky who was laughing at Luke and i text her

M- bex, jais coming with me tomorrow xx
B-okay xxx

M- you make plans for you and bex tomorrow, me and jai are going to the military meeting, you and bex have the day to yourselves. xx
L-okay merx,hehe can i call you that?xx
M-Sure mr.Flukey xx
L-I'll take her round town,buy her anything she wants xx
M-jesus Luke, be prepared to have an empty wallet by end of tomorrow... xx
L- why....xx
M- shes a hugeee shopper.xx
L-okay haha.. better get eating! foods ere! xx
M-okaiii xx

we ate and payed the check. it was only 8:50pm so we went back to mine and beckys hotel to get our bags to take to the boys house.

'' girls! you two asre so messy!'' luke shourted quietly

he was right. BECKY WAS MESSY! practically her whole suitcase was on the floor

''correction. Becky is.'' i corrected luke

''so whereds your stuff?'' luke asked

''here. i walked to my bed- next to the window,yeah!''

The boys laughed and sat on the bed. Well luke did. Jai sat on the floor next to the window and lent his head on the glass looking out at the view

‘’Jai…? You okay?’’ I asked walking over to him

''yeah,i just feel bad, the whole time ive known you, i thought you was drop dead gorgous. i honestly have a massive crush on you.and im worried its going to ruin our relationship...'' Jai mumbled.

''wow...well, once you know me properly, i doubt you will like me that way.'' i laughed

''oh you two, you coming?!'' luke shouted

''yeah, lemmie put my last bits in bag and im done'' i said

once my last bits were in my bag,we all went to the guys car, and drove to their house.

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