I miss you


8. 8

LUKES POV(haha!new pov :)  )
Wow. Becky looked stunning. So hot.  Super-hot.
Keep your cool Luke! Don’t wanna show her what I’m thinking....
‘’Luke?’’  Beckys talking to me. Shit.
Snap out of it.
‘’urm…yeah?’’ I asked nervously
‘’um… your fly…its..kinda… your flies undone…’’ she said
‘’my what?’’
‘’Your fly…you know…’’ she hesitated.
‘’your trouser zippers undone.’’ She said fast
‘’oh…shit sorry’’   dam it! Why?!?!?!?!!?!
Jai burst into laughter
‘’phahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Dude.’’
‘’shut up jai.’’ I mutterd.
Finally we got there and the girls looked gobsmacked.
‘’wow’’ becky said. Mercedes just looked amazed. It was a lovley place
But, whys Mercedes looking so down?
Well that was hella embarrassing… Jesus jai you coulda told him yourself. Now he’ll think I was eyeing his dick. Perfect. Thanks mate! I need to talk to Mercedes. I cant figure out why shes not happy. I better go to her. I thought
‘’mercedes, a word?’’ I asked
She looked at me and looked panicked. Shes definatly not okay.
‘’mercedes. Whats wrong? Your so glum!’’
‘’becky. That meetings on again today. I couldn’t go because I couldn’t cancel this. For you. Im scared that he’s gonna be on that list you know! Im so scared ive lost him. And jai likes me and I don’t like him like that and I doint know what to say!’’ She said starting to cry.
‘’mercy, don’t cry! he wont be on that list.hes strong and a good man. God wont kill let him be killed. I promise he’ll be okay.’’ I said pulling her into a hug.
It seemed to cheer her up a bit because she wiped her eyes and we went back to the boys.
I decided to text mercy.
B- tell them
M - what?
B -  about Josh
M – why?
B – they need to know mercy. It wont change anything. But I know Jai likes you a lot and if you don’t tell them about him, Jai’ll keep doing it.
M – doing what?
B – fantasising….
M – oh god. Okay. Ill tell them now.

‘’Urm, Luke, Jai…’’ she started

363 words x

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