I miss you


7. 7


well, it been exactly one month since we met the Janoskians and  today, were off on a date. me and becky have no idea were the lads are taking us...thats Luke and Jai by the way,and if im honest...im a little worried.
so the boys were at their house and we were at our hotel,and they said to dress formal. oh boy. this should be fun...

''Mercedes?!?!?! what should i wear! i have nothin!'' Becky whined flopping down onto the bed

''Becky you brought 4 dresses! Choose!!!'' I shouted/whisperd.

we packed a bag for 3 week holiday in america with the lads, but they were at their house, and we was at a hotel for 2 nights before we go stay at theirs. even more fun...

My suitcase
Beckys suitcase

''im ready becky. 2 hours to pick an outfit?!?!?thats too long becky!theyll be here in 10 minutes!!'' i whined at becky

''yada yada. ill be done in 15.'' she said walking into the bathroom.

 sure enough, 10 minutes later Luke and Jai were at the hotel door waiting

''hey, you two ready?'' Luke asked nervously.

''i am. but slow poke becky is still getting ready. come on in'' i sais pourpously saying 'slow poke becky' loud enough for her to hear

luke walked in and sat on the closest bed. which was beckys and looked around him, beckys whole suitcase was laid out on the bed. 

''why...-'' luke started

''choices. she spent 2 hours deciding what to wear. where as i knew exactly what i was wearing. YESTERDAY.'' I said laughing

Jai was still standing at the door. obviously in shock. i mean...i spent about half an hour working on my outfit...

''I'm done!!'' Becky shouted walking out.

Lukes Jaw dropped. she looked stunning. Jai came in and sat on my bed with me.

''wow... you two really look good'' he said smiling and wrapping his arm around me.

he was right. we looked great.

''urm...lets go'' becky said nervously.

''Yeah,lets go'' i said moving so Jai's armed dropped off my shoulder.


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