I miss you


6. 6

JAI'S POV (Hhaha!! a little supprise change here :)

she was beautiful. she had amzing hair which i loved, and she just had a beautiful face.
i plan to get to know her, and see what shes like underneath. she looks like the shy sensitive type, and i really hope that i can make her my gal.

''jai?...JAI?!?!?!'' i woke up from my daydream to see Mercedes had been the one to shout down my ear.

''i think im death..'' i said

''serves you right. orer boy!! were waiting on you and im starvinggggggggg i havent eaten since breakfast!!!'' she said laying on the bus floor

''just get me anything''

''ohmygawd Jai...'' Mercedes said coming over to me.

''order a BBQ sauce meat feast for me...pweaseeee'' she whisperd to  me

''hang on hang on! i want a BBQ sauce meat feast pizza please'' i said smiling as Mercedes leaped from her chair and ran to me. 

''you are an idiot Jai.She asked you to do that so she has 2 BBQ sauce meat feasts as that her fave pizza ever.'' Becky said punching me weakly.

''whoops. ,my fave girl gets 2 of her fave pizzas. good'' i said grinning as the lads ordered and recived the pizzas. 7 pizzas for 7 people the flavours were:

BBQ sause meat feast x2
Ham and Pinapple
Double Cheese
Garlic Prawn
Kiwi all-day Breakfast

wow. all that for us...

by the time id snapped out my thoughts all hell had broke lose...at least thats what it looked like. Mercedes was gone and so was the pizza.

''JAI WERE DID MERCEDES GO?!?>!?!!?!?!?!'' Luke shouted

''urm i dunno, i was daydreaming sorry...'' i mumbled


My phone beeped with a text
'Hi. im in the bathroom. sat in the tub. come join me. I have the pizzas...' 

i laughed and said

''guys i need to pee.''

i walked into the bathroom to see a smiling mercedes with all 7 pizzas. 

i sat with her and then just as i was reaching for a pice the door slammed open

''I FOUND HER! AND JAI!AND THE PIZZA!'' It was Skip. Of course. nice timing prick ass

they took the pizza to the lounge and we all ate peacefully. i say peacefully but it was nothing but noisy.

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