I miss you


5. 5

'' so what do you wanna do then? seeing as this is 'ended'? '' skip asked us

''hang on...i want your numbers aha''  James mumbled

''yeah!... i mean, sure...'' i mutterd

the lads and becky laughed

''09876543217'' becky said slowly so all the boys could type it in

'' I never caught your name hun'' Luke asked Becky

''Becky, but my bestie calls me 'Bex' or 'Bexyboo' so call me whatever'' she said smiling

i was looking over Lukes shoulder as he filled in the name and he wrote 'Cutiepie <3' and i smiled. theyd be good together.

''hey, i see you hiding? you okay? Jai whisperd to me

''yeah im okay, i just rememberd i have an extreamly important meeting  tomorrow'' i said just loud enough for everyone to hear

''is it serious?'' Beau asked looking woried

serious? Thats not even the word for it. i was going to pay my respects for those who weve lost in the army. and i go to every single one praying to not hear Josh's name called out in deaths. 

'' you could say that'' i mumbled

''i forgot about that... do you want me to come with you?'' Becky asked me wrapping her arms around me

''urm, i'll be okay, you hang with these guys'' i told her smiling weakly

''okay...urm, we never caught your name...or got your number? can we have both?'' Skip said looking at me smiling

''urm well my names Mercedes, you can call me whatever you want but Bex here calls me 'Merc' or 'Mercy' and my number is 0987 7980975'' i replied

''okay! who wants to go get pizza,hang at our hotel amnd then pass out?'' Luke shouted smiling
all the lads and Becky cheered and started gossiping...all exept Jai

''Mercedes? Whats the matter?'' he said holding me by the shoulders looking me right into to the eye.

''im just worried about someone'' i replied fighting the tears

''wanna talk about it?'' he asked

do i...or dont i tell him about Josh yet.....

instead i shook my head.

''no, its fine'' i said smiling to make him think it was okay.

''shall we join them?'' 

''yeah, im afraid if i leave Becky with Luke for too long they'll be making out. He saved her as 'cutiepie' on his phone and becky saved him as ' hottie' haha'' i said grinning

'' oh no....haha lets go catch up quickly'' he said as we started walking

''you know what...'' i said grinning devilishly

''what....'' Jai said lookinbg slightly worried.

''race you!'' i said as i started to run

''hell no!!'' Jai shouted and i could hear him running

about five minutes later we caught up with the rest and i was panting out of breath from running

''what's up with you?'' bECKY ASKED

''I...juat...raced...Jai....here....and...i...won...!'' i stammerd before i was tackled to the floor by a running panting Jai

''woah woah woah woah! Jai! give the girl a chance to breathe!!'' James said laughing and pulling Jai of the top of me.

we all burst into laughter as i finally caught my breath and we got in the bus to go to get pizza


that is all for this chappy! more up soon :)

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