I miss you


4. 4

heyy, i did this the other day but its been deleted  (pulls furious face)
but here is a list of characters.

Mercedes Grant
Becky Casper
Josh Franks
Brandon Benson
Shane Smith
Jack Woodcock
Cameron Duncan
JC Caylen
Connor Franta
Trevor Moran
Ricky Dillon
Kian Lawley
Sam Pottoroff
Liam Payne
Louis Tomlinson
Harry Styles
Niall Horan 
Zayn Malik
Luke Hemmings
Ashton Irwin
Calum Hood
Michael Clifford
Andy Biersack
Jake Pitts
Ashley Purdy
Christian “CC” Coma
Kellin Quinn
Gabe Forman
Justin Hills
Jack Fowler
Kristina Webb

This isnt all of them. and theyll be added into the story later on not all at once :) xx

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