I miss you


16. 16

We sat down and i handed out the food and put the pizzas in the midlle. about an hour and a half later- we watched Finding Nemo whilst eating- and we cleared up. we then all dat in the living room in a circle.

''Right.Let's all introduce eachother to Emily-along with 3 facts about yourself.'' i told the boys

''okay, i'll go first?''Jai said to me

''sure'' i said smiling at Emily

''So i'm Jai Brooks,im 19, i have two brothers,Luke and Beau, and my full name is Jaidon'' Jai said smiling at Emily

''Hey Jai, and your name's cute'' she said smiling causing Jai to blush

''Hey,Im Luke, im 19,Jai is my twin and Beau is my other brother and i have a crush on a very very special girl.''

''Hey im Beau,im 21, i have two brothers, Luke and Jai and im looking for the perfect girl''

''Hey im Skip,im 19,single and ready to mingle, and i am amazing at sport''

''hey im James, im 18,single and i love my food''

''im Becky,im 18, im single, and im a natural ginger so watch for the temper haha'' Becky said

''and im Mercedes,im 18,not single, and im pretty crazy'' i said smiling

''right.I should remember all them.''Emily said smiling

''so you?'' Jai said to Emily

''urm,im Emily, im 18,single and i have a brother.'' she said

''a brother?''Skip asked

''yeah,but he's in jail at the minute...''she mumbled,but everyone heard

''oh.okay'' Luke said


She's Beautiful. I think i Love her.....


Mercedes,James and Emily went into the bedrooms and a bit later they came out changed and they whent down to the gym 

I dont like the looks she keeps giving James. Theyre like, 'i want you' looks and i hate it. 

you know what,ill be nice for now,infront of the guys and Mercy,but i will glare,and make her life a misery if she touches James.

on the possitive side, me,Luke,Jai and Mercy are off on a 'half-date' tomorrow! im getting exited!

''Hey bex, can we talk?'' Luke said coming to me

'yyeah ssure'' i stutterd

he took me out to the balcony and i took in the view. i dont spend much time out here, i mostly stay inside,or go to work. but the view was amazing. now i see why Mercedes loved sitting out here

''Becky...''Luke started


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