I miss you


15. 15


i looked great and i really like my new look. it suits me acording to mercedes 


she looked great and so did i . we headed back to my car and i turned to her.  

''did you like that song i had on eirlier?'' i asked her

''yeah, it had an actual meaning. i actually loved it'' she said smiling.

''do you think you might like heavy metal,or rock,or punk?'' i asked her smiling

''urm...i dont know, i cant say i have listened to it. sorry.''she said

''well, first of all...if you want to change that much no one you know will recognise you?''i started

''yes, i do not want anyone to recognise me'' she said 

''lose the politeness'' i said

''how?'' she asked

''talk like me, and the others at the house, you''ll learn quickly hopefully'' i told her turning to the back of the car and grabbing my CD holder. i looked through and found my favourite albulm and put the cd in. i skipped it to track 6(rebel love song) and started the engine. 

''you'll enjoy this, i hope...'' i said to her turning the music up and driving down to the nearest shopping centre

10 minutes later we pulled up at the shopping centre and we got out and i locked the car up.

we headed to the shopping centre and parked up. 

''hungry?'' i asked her

''starved'' she said grinning.

''well not being harsh,but you need to change first.'' i tld her

''yeah,ive never liked this outfit.''she said smiling

I took her inside and we went straight into ‘Punk city’ my favourite shop.
‘’wow. this is a very dark shop’’ she said to me
‘’yeah, first of all-it’s a really dark place- and yeah, this is my favourite shop in the world.
‘’nice’’ she said
‘’perfect.’’ I smiled walking over to a rack of clothes.
About half hour later we walked out. We’d brought a lot in there I brought all of this and Emily had brought all this. we left with like, 6 bags and went to the car and put everything in and locked the car again. we walked back ito the shopping centre and went to the resteraunt and orderd our food. emilys came firstand then mine. we ate in silence and 15 minutes later we ordered a desert. i got this and emily got this and they were both lush. we walked out full and happy and we went to the piercings shop.

''why are we here?'' emily asked me

''1,i want my belly pierced,and 2, your getting something pierced.'' i told her

''urm...okay...''she said

''ay up Mercy!'' Big Ben-the shop owner- said to me walking over and hugging me,kissing me on each cheek.

just in case you was wondering,i know every staff member in this centre. i come here so often im a regular. clothes i grow out of or get bored of,i put either in the clothes bin for charity,or i give them to shop owners kids. they love me,and the staff here,are like my second family.

''hey big-ben!''i shouted back,kissing him on each cheek aswell

''how can i help you today?1 My! you brought a friend!''he said hugging Emily

she looked awkwardl at him and hugged him back lightly.

''whats with the clothes hun!'' he said to her

''she ran away from her parents who only let her wear this outfit. and she has only got stud ear piercings and we just been the punk city and we brough tonnes'' i told him

''ahaha!typical! i know you too well!'' he said to me laughing

''aye'' i said smiling

''so what do you guys want today?'' he asked us,looking between me and emily.

''i want my belly done,emily?''

''can i have my belly done please. and...my nose?''she said as if ashe was asking me and big-ben

''sure hun! Joe!''he shouted

Joe came out,i already knew him,and we had dated before me and Josh, but he was major hot. and thats comming from me. he had those beautiful eyes, that hair, that body. if i wasnt with josh,id have to be with him. but of course, im happy with josh,and losing him would be like losing half of me.

emilyu looked at him and blushed,Joe looked at her, and blushed.

''Hey babe, how you?''he said hugging me 

''im great thanks babe, you?'' i replied

''im fabby babe'' he said to me chuckling

''amazeballs babe'' i said laughing

''you two dating?'' emily asked me

''no! My boyfriends in the army at he moment'' i told her

''oh'' she said

''whens he back?'' Joe asked me

''8 months,i think'' i told him earning a hug 

''what am i doing for you this time then?'' he asked me

''belly''i said grinning. i knew he loved piercing bellies.

''ems,Big-Ben's gonna do your piercing, you'll be next to me so you can hold my hand if you want.''i told her

''yeah,sure...''she said nervously

''it'll be fine'' i told her squezzing her hands

''come on lay down'' They told us.

------1 HOUR LATER------

''It looks great!'' Emily squeeled looking at her reflection and smiling at her belly. My Belly looked ace. 

i hugged joe and we walked out to the car, we got in and headed home,it was 6pm by now and we still had to grab tea. I looked at emily and smiled, she was still marveling her belly

''wanna belly buster for tea?'' i asked her

''sure'' she said looking up and smiling

we walked into belly buster and walked in and orderd(the menu at the top is everything they orderd)

we walked out to the car and drove home. we got home and i called jai

''Jaiiiii'' i said

''Mercyyyyy''He said

''come help us...were in the garage...''

''ill be one secc'' he said hanging up.

the lift pinged and Jai walked towards us.

''what ya need?'' he said sniffing the air

''help. can you go back up, get out the takeout stuff ann get everyone sat down. we'll be up in 5'' i said smiling

he walked up and i told emily to grab her bags,and i grabbed mine and the 3 bags of food and headed to the lift. if you thought carrying 6 bags of clothes is bad, try carrying 6 bags of clothes and then 3 bags of food. we got upstairs and walked straight to our bedrooms and put the bags of clothes on the floor and walked into the living room to be greated by 5 hungry looking lads and an extreamly hungry looking ginger( ;) ) sat on the carpet we brought-esspesially for when we have takeouts..

''Food?''James said hopefully

''Food'' i said grinning lifting the bags into the air.

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