I miss you


14. 14


wow. this place is huge! they must be loaded or something to have this place. what if they're famous?! My dad never let me use the internet, hell i dont even have a phone. and im 19 for gods sakes! Im glad i ran away. its better than staying ther with no internet,or phone. mabey now ill be able to get a job and buy a phone. That brunette girl gave me a right dirty look. whats her deal? i dont know her, and she gave me a super dirty look. but oh wow, that boy, i didnt catch his name, but he was cute. ive never had a boyfriend. wierd. 

i hopped in the shower and washed and driend and i put on my clothes. this was all i actually have. my parents were really strict and i had to dress formally everydy. because my dad and mum were buissness men'woman so i normally have a nanny looking after me. she was horrible.

i walked out the bathroom and into my room. it was huge, but i loved it. i grabbed my bag,all that was in it was a teddy,my pjamas,and a few photos. also my memory stick-which my parents didnt know about.

''hey, you okay now?'' mercedes said coming in and sitting on my bed next to me

''yeah, i feel better now,thanks.''

''is this all you brought?'' she said gasping

''urm,yeah. there was no point packing clothes because what im wearing, i have about 6 of the same outfit. so i packed one. hoping to be able to get a job and buy some stuff.'' i said looking down

''oh my god. i have an idea!'' she squeeled.


''well, those boys in there,there the janoskians, and theyre famous, so they have money, im there friend and so is becky, the other girl in there, and the boys and us have a sharedaccount with all the money on...wanna go shopping...'' she said grinning widley

''id love to!, urm i need your help though, because i want to change how i look,what i wear,how i act,i want to change, EVERYTHING.'' i said nervously.

''great! i wanna dye my hair again today anyway, and buy some more clothes, so lets go!'' she said jumping up

we went into her room and she grabbed her bag and stuffed in her keys, purse, iphoneearphones, mintsdeoderanttissuesinstax mini 6 camera and her sunglasses before leaving the room. 

''guys were off shopping Ems needs some clothes, this is all she has.'' she said walking to the boys and the girl smiling. 

''then, once were back, we'll have a little get to know each other party haha, ill pick up something for tea on the way home. STUFF DIETS!'' she shouted smiling earning smiles from everyone and a hug from the good looking lad from eilier.

''glad ya changed your mind mercy, he's your pizza slice.'' he said handing her a slice of pizza

''thanks jam'' she said hugging him

were they in a relationship? dammit.

''hey, you heard from Josh yet?'' He asked her looking serious.

who's Josh? Her kid? Her Brother?Her friend?

''he's good. Bob wrote to me, he says Josh is regretting leaving me for the army, i mean, i miss him so much, i miss his hugs,hius kisses, the way he'd keep me warm in bed when it was cold'' she said starting to cry. but composing herself quickly.

''hey, he'll be back before you know it, then you can have one of those amazing airport hugs and everyone will see how much you love eachother by the way you both react. which i know is gonna be a run up jump, teddy bear hug, a tight hug, then a passionate kiss.'' he said smiling hugging her

So there not together?

''yeah. 8 months and my baby will be back. I cannot belive how much ive missed him.''she said

''you know what? you two are in the best long distance relationship ive ever known'' he told her, the others all aggreeing and joining the hug.

''guys, thanks, come on,let me dry my face,so me and ems can go shopping. im buying myself some stuff too. byee guys!'' she said drying her face and leaving the room with me.

''pick a colour-red,black or white?.'' she told me as we got into a lift?!?!

''Black?'' i said nervously

''good choice'' she said smiling heading through yet another door. we were in a gym, and we went through the door to a garage.

Now i got why she asked me to pick a colour, there was three convertables. a Red one, White one, and a Black one. ah.

''thanks'' i said smiling

she got in the drivers seat and took off the roof. she put her bag on the pocket between the two front seats and opened the door for me

''you getting in?'' she said 

''yeah,yeah'' i said, and got in

she stated the car and put on the radio, this really up beat song came on and she started singing along, she set off driving and turned down the radio and started talking to me

''so what you into? film and music wise?''

''urm, well my parents were really strict and i wasnt aloud to watch tv and i only got to listen to classical music. but i hate it.'' i told her

''What?!'' she said clearly shocked

"yeah'' i sighed

she put on the radio andf this really good sounding song came on

''whats this? i like this" i said earning a smile from mercedes

Nickleback . Photograph. I love this song'' she said smiling and singing along

eventually we pulled up in a car park. she parked the car and locked it up after grabbing her bag. we started walking towards a huge shopping mall.

"wow..." i gasped. 

"pretty big huh?" mercedes smailed  "come on,lets get you some stuff...what first?" she asked me

"i want to dye my hair.'' i said bravely. 

"come on then" she said taking me to a shop called 'LIZZEYS MAGICAL WONDERS'  what a name....

''MERCEDES!Welcome back! i see you brought a friend! what can i do for you today?" the woman said to us

'' i want my hair red" i said

"red?" mercedes gasped

"red" i said

"okay,lets do it.you want anything hun?"she asked mercedes

"yeah,ill have a dye please" Mercedes said


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