I miss you


13. 13

after my burning skin was clean enough i got into suitable clothes for a good workout, grabbed my bikini and went down to the gym but first i went to the kitchen and filled my bottle with water and walked doen to the gym ignoring everyones 'you okay?'s and 'im sorry''s

i got to the gym and started to run on the running machines and a good 3 hours later i ran through the house to the pool, but i got changed into my bikini first, then i dived into the pool and swam, i did a few lenghs,and water aeiobics. by the time i was done it was 7pm. id been working out for 6 hours! i went to my room and hopped in the shower. after id washed and shaved i dried off and got into something easy and comfy and walked into the kitchen and searched the fridge. diet time.

''hey,were ordering pizza, what you want? BBQ sauce meat feast?'' Jai asked me.

''urm,no thanks, im just gonna have a salad'' i told him

everyone gasped.

''is she ill?''

''is she okay?''

''she turned down her favourite pizza...that not right...''

''guys!im fine, i just dont want pizza okay? im on a diet for gods sake!'' i shouted.

everyone stopped and stared.

''a diet?'' jai started

''yes. a diet. nowe leave me alone!'' i half-shouted

i walked into the kitchen an made my salad and walked out into the living room. they were all eating pizza and laughing.

''hey! you cannot be serious about that for your tea? seriously?!'' becky said laughing,as she took a bite of bbq pizza. 

my stomach growled.i wanted that pizza. i need that pizza. but im eating my salad. no questions asked.


''no,no... just a little worried thats all.''


the door. i walked to the door to find a girl, she looked lost

''you okay hun?'' i asked

''no. i ran away from home. my dad beat me and i ran away and ended up here.'' she burst into tears. 

it was pouring down, she was soaking wet, and had only a small backpack which i guessed had some personal things in it.

''whats your name?'' i asked

''emily,emily jones'' she said

''well im mercedes, come in hun, your soaking

''who is it mercs?''James said walking in

''hi'' she mumbled

im guessing they knew each other from the way they looked at each other

''you know each other?'' i asked them

''urm, no.''james stutterd

''okay... so im gonna take emily to the living room to meet the others, then im gonna show her a room to stay in for tonight,and i would like to get to know you emily,if thats okay?'' i asked smiling

''yeah,sure'' she said looking away from james

i walked into the room with emily holding my hand.

''urm guys.'' i said


''GUYS!'' i shouted.

they all looked at me.

''this is emily. her dad beat her and she ran awy. ive said she can stay here for a while while she sorts herself out and rings family members or friends. shes gonns have the room next to mine,the one with the door that passes through. like mine and jais.'' i said smiling.

they all hi's and hellos's. but becky, becky scowled like she was a piece of dog shit on her favourite white shoes.imgonna have to talk to her!

''come on emily, ill show you to your room yeah?'' i asked her

james was still looking at her funny., with those eyes...those 'i love you so much' eyes...oh god...

we walked  to my room

''this is my room, then, through that door is Jai's bedroom, this door is my bathroom, and this one, leads to your room  . she looked like she'd seen a famous boyband. 

oh yeah, shes probably not used to rooms this big...

''wow,this is for me?'' she asked me.

''yeah, this okay?'' i asked

''yeah'' she said smiling 

i showed her the bathroom and told her to get a shower,and get some fresh clothes on,she looked at me and hugged me. this was wierd. i thought to myself

''thankyou.'' she said to me hugging me

''what for?'' i asked her hugging her back a little

''for being the only person who didnt slam the door in my face,and for being so nice to me'' she said

''oh emily, i cant belive some people.'' i said hugging her tightly.



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