I miss you


12. 12


i was teaching jai how to swim underwater,and he was pretty good to be honest, about an hour later, a big speaker came in to the water

''mercedes, you have a letter from the military!'' 
i swam to the surface and dried my hands on a towel. i climbed out and sat on the edge before opening it and reading

dear my princess
i so proud of you baby, you met your idols, and you moved in. im hoping i got a space too! Life here is crazy. we never know if were gonna get bombed, attacked,sent to the front line, killed or anything. the only thing we actually know for sure, is that we want to come home to our family and friends. ive missed you so much and i cannot wait to see you...but it wont be in 4 months...it will be in 8. i have an extra 4 months at the end of my time. so 8 months and ill be home. im really sorry my princess, i have no choice. but listen, im not being harsh, or saying im giving up, but if i die. dont give up on your life. live it. look after my family and friends and grieve,but not for ever babygirl. i know you wont but i can ask. im staying strong for you my princess. im fighting hard, im staying careful. ive been shot twice, but that is all besides a few cuts and sccratches. nothing serious. we also now have a small internet connection so i have a chance to talk to you,or see how everyones doing for a short time of 10 minutes a time. im sorry i wont be home for so long, but its for the country, and it gives everyone a better chance at life. i love you so so so much babygirl. never give up, keep strong, chin up,and walk away from nothing. face your problems,reach your dreams, and i saw that you enetred an art competition. go for it baby, you can do it, work hard,and win it. for me,for you. for us. ilol be home before you know it, and i will NEVER leave you again.
i love you baby girl. stay strong.
all my love, 

''oh no,no,no,no,no!'' i shouted running to my room grabbing my towel and lying on my bed and i just cry.
i noticed i dropped my letter outside with the others and cry harder. a short while later the boys and becky come inot my room with tear stained faces

'im so so sorry mercedes'' Jai said putting the letter on my bedside table. 

''yeah,mercy,im so sorry'' said Becky sitting on my bed, and wrapping me into a huge hug. i wept on her shoulder for a solid ten minutes

the others went out, exept jai who went into my bathroom. i heard the taps go on an jai came out and sat next to me,

''ive put a bubble bath on for you, have a bath,relax,and paint. paint your feeling onto the paper'' he said whilst hugging me. he left the room and a minute later becky left to. 

i was heartbroken. i wanted to die. he wasnt coming back for even longer and im so upset. i just hate it. i hate this! i started to pace the bedroom and i headed ito thr bathroom,stripped and got in ignoring the burning heat on my skin.

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