I miss you


11. 11

JOSH POV-----wow...bet yall wasnt expecting this!!!

''Joshua,mail'' sargent jones shouted

i jumped up. last time i got mail was from my sister when her boyfriend broke up with her...
i took the letter from this and sat on my bed. the address...thats were mercys fave youtubers live. why would the janoskians be writing to me? I slowly opened the letter and immedietly recognised the writing. mercedes?

1098 Treeoak Village
united Kingdom
yo45 h78

Dear Josh

  hey babe,how are you? stupid question... aha... ive moved house, i no longer live in york
 we now live with The Janoskians. remember them? well they met me and becky and here we are, moving in with them. i cannot belive how happy i am. your home in 4 months. im getting exited! 4 months and mabey a couple days or hours, and ill be able to hug you again, kiss your lips again, and ill never miss you again till we next get parted. baby i love you. and the past 21 months have been hectic. 
i love you babe, please be careful, i dont wanna lose you <3
love from,

now it makes sence. now i have moved house. now i live in a mansion. now i gotta survive this for 4 more moths and i get to see my baby girl again.

i folded my letter and put it in my shirt pocket. right next to my heart along with a photo of us together.

BANG. it went black.

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