I miss you


10. 10

about an hour later we started driving up this super long hill leading us to a garage. even the view from the garage was amazing. the boys lead us through a door and we  stopped in our tracks.they had a huge indoor  pool, with a waterslide. typical them but what?!?!?!!?!?!!?! after we had a look in there, we went through another door to find a gym with a huge window for the wall with an amazing view. they had a boxing ring probably for Beau. we walked outside and up the stairs to the main house and wow. the view is amazing, but the house was incredible. then the lift pinged. 

''you have a lift?'' Becky asked. ''and we walked?''

''we wanted to show you everything first'' Luke said smiling. 

i noticed Jai was gone from next to me and turns out he was in the lift. he had our bags.

''Becky,Mercedes, you bags are like, heavy.'' he moaned.

''well we can carry them, mabey your just weak'' Becky said smirking

i walked over to him and helped him with my bag.

''can we go to our rooms? i wanna get chganged if thats okay?'' i asked the boys

''yeah,yeah, this way'' luke said leading the way

we walked in and the house was just gorgous. inside and out the kitchen was huge, perfect for baking i thought, we walked into the Living-room and headed down a corridor with 10 doors. 5 each side. we walked into the far ones and the one on the left was my bedroom and opposite my room was beckys bedroom. they were gorgous and i loved my room. i walked in and there was 3 doors. one led to my own on-suite.  this. was gonna be awesome.


tomorrow should be interesting. military meeting with mercy.scary. but im gutted shes not single. i really like her, so we settled on close best friends. i can live with that. i could live with her....


luke and jai are showing the girls their bedrooms, and i think they should move in. i mean they live 18 hours away, then theres the 2 hour drive from the airport to our house.... 

''i have an idea...'' i said out the blue

''what?'' said skip and Beau at the same time...creepy...

''mercy and becky should move in with us.'' i started nervously

''yes'' they said, just as the twins and the girls came in.

''everyone sit.'' Beau orderd.
mercedes and becky exchanged glances and sat down togethe, luke had his arm round becky protectivly and jai looked a little down. i wonder why...?

''me,skip and Beau think you girls should move in... you live 8 hours away!and then theres a 2 hour drive from the airport toour house'' i said faster than i hoped.

''move here? and your asking us? what a stupid question! it means i can stay with my lukey!'' Becky said squeeling

''the meetings...'' mercedes started

''mercedes,they do them here to!its the exact same time and exact same ruitine'' Luke told her

me,skip and beau exchanged confused looks...meetings?

''okay.'' she finally said.

despite the worry on my mind, i joined in with the jumping and cheering before noticing mercedes slip away.


were moving in with the boys. i dont wanna go back there. i need to write to josh. im gonna write it now.

1098 Treeoak Village
united Kingdom
yo45 h78

Dear Josh

  hey babe,how are you? stupid question... aha... ive moved house, i no longer live in york
 we now live with The Janoskians. remember them? well they met me and becky and here we are, moving in with them. i cannot belive how happy i am. your home in 4 months. im getting exited! 4 months and mabey a couple days or hours, and ill be able to hug you again, kiss your lips again, and ill never miss you again till we next get parted. baby i love you. and the past 21 months have been hectic. 
i love you babe, please be careful, i dont wanna lose you <3
love from,

i got up and changed into this and went down to the garage

''were you off?'' skip asked me

''just down the road to the postbox then to use your amazing gym'' i told him smiling slightly

''hey, ill come with if that okay? im off to the gym too, i could do with an extra run, ill be able to get to know you a bit more '' he replied smiling

''sure, can you keep up?'' i shouted back at him whilst jogging

''hey! im faster than you!'' he said overtaking me

''you wanna play that game? ill play that gamne!'' i shouted

i started sprinting and soon over took him. i got to the post box and turned and he got to me

''wow, your pretty fast...for a girl'' he mumbled smirking
i put the letter in the postbox and prayed it would get to him

''race you back'' i smirked


''3.2.1...go!'' i shouted
we ran back to the house at full speed and me being a clutz, tripped and cut my leg

''shit. mercy you okay?'' skip asked me worriedly

''yup, just a bit of blood''

skip picked me up bridal style and we walked back into the house

''shit mercedes, what happened!'' Beau shouted when he saw my leg

''Luke! get the first aid kit! James,get the bag of ice, Jai get a towel! but not a white one and meet us by the pool!'' Beau shouted 

''skip, bring her out'' beau told skip

skip brought me outside and sat me down on the chair

''why do you need all this-shit mercedes! how the fuck did you do that!''James shouted

becky had come out with luke and when she saw the blood, she screamed

''she dosent do blood'' i said, noticing her shaking ''luke, get her inside and calm her down'' i orderd

''anyone seen-'' Jai had started before rushing over

''mercedes! you okay?how did you?when did you'' jai was saying

''JAI CALM DOWN!'' i shouted

beau started treating my leg and he said to go easy on it for a couple days till it healed.

''so much for using gym then ey skip?'' i laughed

''never mind, come on, lets get you inside.'' skip said coming over.

''hang on, i have my crutches from when i broke my leg a couple years back'' james said running off

a minute later i was hopling to my roo m on crutches. i went to my bag and got out my camera and special printer. i also got my paints and art book out and put them in a basket to bring out ith me. as i walked through the living room to go outside i noticed they were all sat watching spongebob, so i crpt outside and sat down. the first thing i did was take photos of the view and print then off for my photo albulm.l i then took a big picture of the main view, the one were i saw the most, and printed it off sticking it in my art book. i then got out my paints and crayons and started to draw it out.
it was coming along nicley when the clouds came out, james and jai came out to cover the pool and noticed me drawing. they must have been stood behind me a while before i noticed because they were giggling

''what?'' i asked them

''10 minutes weve been stood here. haha, id get your stuff in hun, its gonna rain'' james said smiling.

i gatherd my stuff toether and went inside. i sat on the window sill and took another picture of the view. this time it was cloudy and dull. perfect i  thought to myself smiling.

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