I miss you


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i will not be blocking out any details or words. if you dont like it. dont read it. not my problem.


''I'm so sorry babe,but i have to do this'' my boyfriend told me trying not to cry

''WHY?!!!!'' I shouted at my boyfiend of 5 years.
you see, we were arguing now. he had just told me he's leaving to go in the army for 2 years. and that he was leaving in 3 days. 3 DAYS.


''its for you,the country. ill be fucking saving your sorry ass!!!"

''well then. fuck off! you should of told me eirlier so this wouldnt happen! youve left it till you only have 3 days...3 fucking days till you leave!!!!!'' by now i was in tears and i couldnt take it anymore.

''you know what,fine!!!!''he shouted his eyes brimming with tears
as he walked to the door i dropped to my knees crying uncontrollably muttered to myself

''how could i be so god dammed fucking stupid.what have i done?! ive lost him. im so stupid!''

''Mercedes?'' i heard Josh whisper,his footprints coming closer.

''i thought you were leaving.''i said regretting saying it as i burst into more tears

''Mercedes?im not leaving yet. not till friday. Lets.Lets do something.justus.me and you. no sisters,no brothers,no parents.us. lets enjoy the next 3 days. because in 3 days im leaving. and i don't know when ill be coming back. or even if i will...but lets do it. just us. 3 days.and this afternoon. come on! lets go pack!! Josh said excitedly

''But what about your family. they'll want to see you before you leave...''i asked him
''ive spoken to them. they'll agree its what we need to do''he told me.
he was right.his family were amazing.they always understood,which was an epic bonus
''okay. lets go'' i said smiling

------------------END OF FLASHBACK-------------------------------------------------------

This day 16 moths ago ,josh left for the army. i havent heard from him much since he left. My life had been pretty messed up. I had my best friend Becky stay with me a few months while i got used to Josh being in the army and leaving etc. i think we went through at least 2 hunderd tubs of chocolate ice cream in the space of 6 months and i'd gainded weight but lost it quite quickly,but hey. Becky was always there. and after we both got accepted into the same college,we were thrilled,but upset because Josh had wanted to come with us,and we'd all planned to get through college together...but hey...
im going to leave it hereeee forr nowwwwwwwwwww :P
let me know if you like it :) love you all!!!!!!!!

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