Rakuro M. High

This is just a draft of the actual story so I'll know what to write in the actual version.


1. The Intro

Okay, so at first you might not understand,

but I do.

I KNEW something bad was going to happen during my stay.

Who knew there was going to be a fire, and kidnapping?


Who knew that magic was used in this crime?


Who knew everything that happened on that day was going to happen?


I knew every single detail, every single person who was there and the next words they exactly where going to say.

Well that's what I thought.

Why did it have to be those three

that were taken away?

Why couldn't it be me?

I'll start from the beginning and write down every single thing I did and saw

onto the pages of this mere journal.

You might not be interested or believe the tales I write,

but this is my story, and my story is mine to


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