Rakuro M. High

This is just a draft of the actual story so I'll know what to write in the actual version.


2. The Dream

So we are just gotta hook you and the others up-

Will we be okay?

You'll just lose a few memories here and there, but they will all come back in a flash when you finished. Come on now, we don't have much time.



Start it up!


Chapter One: 

  "Finnick... Finnick... FINNICK!!"


  I opened my eyes in alarm and shot up from my bed like a bullet.


  "I'M UP! I'm up! Don't you dare throw the water and ice at me! And shut off that camera you little brat!" I grabbed the camera from my younger brother's hands and paused the video and quickly deleted it.


  "Hey! I was gonna post that on Youtube!" My little brother, Jackie, pouted at me and turned his back.


   "Does it look like I care? Now go and get ready for kindy (A/N as in Kindergarden). Isn't mom supposed to be helping you?" I grabbed my new school uniform from my closet and went into the bathroom to change.


   "But mummy said that you have to bring me to kin-kin!" (A/N Jackie's way of saying Kindergarden)


   "Ugh fine!"


*Time Skip* •Boop•


   "Goodbye Jackie! Either mom or me will come to pick you up, okay?" I ruffled his blonde hair.


    "Okay! Cya later bruver!" Jackie smiled at me and ran inside his kindy laughing happily. I walked down the street and turned a corner before activating my new hover board.


   "Let's see what this can do!" I pressed a button on the controller in my hand and zoomed off to school.


*five minutes later...*


   "This. Is. The. Best. Present. EVER!!!" I hollered at the top of my lungs with nobody around(Like obviously. Who would scream out their lungs on the middle of the street? No offence).


   "Hey, Fin! How ya been?" My best mate, Kido, greeted me loudly from the front gates.


    "Hi Fin." Licht, Kido's uh.. other half waved at me.


   "Hey guys. What I miss?" I asked them both after high-fiving the both of them.


    "So far, nothing but a few fights and finding how many groups there are." Licht replied and Kido shrugged.


   "How many groups?" I raised an eyebrow at them both.


   "About 423 groups of four people, 231 groups of three, around 92 pairs and officially 120 loners." Kido said quickly before Licht could say anything.


    "120 loners this year, huh? That's kinda surprising. My old school only had like 10 loners last year." I sighed.


     "Principle's speech starts at eleven. I think we should get going-."


    A loud gasp interrupted Licht. Then fangirl screams. Than guys shouting loudly. Than... people cheering loudly? Like what the heck?


    The only one that can make a crowd get that reaction was him, but he couldn't be here right now. Unless...


     "Make way! Make way! The young prince is here!" Who the heck is the young prince?


   "Thank you, thank you! How are you all doing my students?" I'm outta here.


  "Kido, grab Licht. No way I'm gonna stay here forever." I hissed to him and Kido nodded back in agreement.


   He grabbed Licht's hand and we busted out of that little place of hell.


    "I'm going to drop my bag into my locker. Lets go." I grabbed Kido's arm and dragged him and Licht inside.


   "Hey, you!" I froze completely.


    Please don't mean me. 


    "Come here!" I started speed walking.


   "Hey! Where you going?"


    Then I ran. I freaking ran. I let go of Kido and ran.

Faster than I ever had. I even used my hover board to boost me a little. Just get me away from these people. These people who had plagued my childhood.


    I don't even want to talk about what happened. Just don't ask. Just don't freaking-


   Since I was stuck too deep in my thoughts, I didn't realize I was hovering straight into a wall. And apparently, I hit the wall, blacked out and went into a deep sleep.


   I hate these days.

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