Rakuro M. High

This is just a draft of the actual story so I'll know what to write in the actual version.


3. Chapter 3

 Kido's P.O.V


   "LEAVE ME ALLOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!" Finnick let go of my hand and sprinted down the hallway in a mad rush.


   "HEY!!! You forgot your bag!" I tried running after him but when he turned a corner, I lost him. The 'Young Prince' A.K.A the principle's son, pushed past me and ran down the hall way which I thought Finnick had went through.


   "Young Prince!!!!!!!!!! Please wait for me!!" A sweating blonde boy, ran after the 'Young Prince'.


   I hadn't even moved a step before I was knocked over by the one and only klutz that could trip over nothing, Licht. I hit the wall beside me and fell to the ground with a loud exaggerated 'oomf'.


   "Fool ya fool! Sorry random guy I bumped into in the hallway. Gotta go. Chasing my-" A flock of late, screaming groupies of the 'prince', flooded the hallway and Licht was carried along with the flow of very hyper fangirls.


   "ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP MEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" Licht screamed.


    I face-palmed myself. How could she even- How could she- "STOP GIVING ME PROBLEMS GOD DAMNABIT!!!!!!!!!!"


    I ran after the fangirls, trying to get a glimpse of Licht.


~~~~~~SHORT CHAPTER~~~~~~ sorry!

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