Rakuro M. High

This is just a draft of the actual story so I'll know what to write in the actual version.


4. Author's note


~~1st person P.O.V (is it first person? lol)

Okay, so Finnick is um, knocked out, Licht is in the horde of fangirls and Kido is runnin' around like crazy. The president of the united states walked in and was like, STOP THIS MADNESS!!! And then the author realised she had wrote down president when she was supposed to write principle, and that United states of America has nothing to do with this story because this school is not real and it if was it would be located in Australia somewhere. and before you ask, yes I know that I have many grammar mistakes so dON'T CORRECT ME and also yes, I am crazy. In a way. Kinda.


Ok so let me get to the point. Im and very sowwy for for being on hiatus for the past 4-5 months! Somethings had happened so I didn't get to write much. But don't worry! I can go library to write up my stories! yayyyy!! Well anyway, I am deeply sorry for the inconveniences. Thank you for understanding.


From your much sorry author,


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