Don't Let Me Go

Jordyn was once a simple girl leading a simple life with absolutely nothing to look forward to. But when Harry Styles entered her life, she found herself becoming a... someone. Is their love enough for Jordyn to turn down everything she'd ever wanted?


1. Prolouge

I feel my breath leave my body as I fall onto my back. I cough and sputter trying to recover my breath. I blink, trying to hold back the tears of pain. I hold myself up on my elbows, my breath still shaky. A large, glass dome is only centimetres from my toes. If he hadn’t of pushed me, it would’ve surely crushed me. I scramble to my feet, pressing my hands to the glass, pounding it with my fists. I watch him on the other side, his large hands in the place where my hands are smashing against the dome. He shakes his head, and speaks words I can’t hear. Tears run down my cheeks, as I stop pounding, watching my blood fall down the glass. He looks away in pain, only to see shadows coming toward him from the forest. He takes a few steps back, his hands falling from the dome. ‘I love you’ He mouths, before pointing to the forests behind me, and then runs in the opposite direction to the shadows.



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