Don't Let Me Go

Jordyn was once a simple girl leading a simple life with absolutely nothing to look forward to. But when Harry Styles entered her life, she found herself becoming a... someone. Is their love enough for Jordyn to turn down everything she'd ever wanted?


2. A Dark Side

What is he doing? My mind is whirling nearly as fast as my heart is beating. How could he leave me here alone, on the outside? I watch the shadows become clearer, showing one short, and one tall man. My instincts kick in, and I rush over to the bushes, shrinking into a little ball, as to not be seen. “Do you think he knows what’s going on?” A gruff voice says angrily. I feel myself shrink smaller in fear of the voice. He sounds angry. “Of course he does. He knows he’s being hunted. Has for a long time. It won’t be long until we find him. He can’t hide forever.” A slick, smooth voice says. This voice isn’t as scary, but it has cunningness to it. It sends involuntary shivers down my spine. Are they talking about Harry? They could be for all I know. He only moved here a short while ago, three, four months maybe. We hit it off right away. I wasn’t surprised, he was quite a gentlemen, asking my parents’ permission to take me out for dinner, then charming me with his ability to make me feel special. He made me weak at the knees.  He always asked me to run away with him. He said one day he would have to leave, and he desperately wanted me to go with him. But I couldn’t leave. I’ve lived in Emmersford my entire life. I couldn’t just pick up and leave for one guy, could I? But lately, things have been getting out of hand. Harry’s had been pressuring me, telling me he couldn’t stay long, and even though we barely knew each other, I couldn’t bear to be without him.  In fact, just before the dome came, he was asking me again. He said he was leaving tomorrow, and if I really wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with me, I’d meet him there. “Do you think he’ll escape again?” The gruff voice asks; a tint of pleasure in his voice at the thought of a dramatic escape. I hear a whomp, and assuming by the whine that follows, the gruff voiced man just got slapped. “Not this time. Not as long as that handy girl is around. Little does she know she’s a key element in this master plan. He won’t leave without her, and she refuses to leave. Like I said, he can’t hide forever.” The sly voice says. The voices have faded to silence by the time I let a long, overdue breath leave my lips. I curl into a ball, my knees to my chest. I close my eyes, taking in the entire conversation, replaying it in my head. It has to be Harry. Doesn’t it? Even the thought makes me question everything. Every smile, every blush, every sweet word that left his perfect lips. Was it all a lie? Was I-Am I just a piece in his little game? There’s a dark side to Harry Styles. And somehow I’ve managed to get myself caught up in it.

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