The last vampire

“During the time of Jovin, the world was filled with wars and evil. People are dying without notice for vampires can make their victims don’t remember they fed on their bloods. There are also these werewolves who have always been an enemy of vampires. They also feed on people but not as clean as what the vampires do. Polices and investigators started to suspect about supernatural beings so they warned the people, however nobody believed them. They started to hunt these suspected beings but all of them just died without knowing why. And there are these witches who didn't like what was happening in the world. They worked hard to stop it, but it didn't. They were also slowly dying as they perform some kind of magic which always has payment. But they still failed on every of their plan. These became a conflict between them. Many lives are sacrificed so my grandmother took the side where they should stop their plan. But many still continued the plan."


16. “This is it, the house of Bridgette.”-- Huford

14th chapter:

THE car stopped and as soon as I felt that, I already went out and slammed the door expressing of how pissed really I am. Both went out next and watched me step away. “This is the worst ride I’ve ever been in.” I faced them a few paces away as I burst out with words that I really wanted to tell them earlier. “You are mean. You were riding so fast and it was your fault why the man back there got angry. But you shot him and now you still didn’t care, how could you?!” I exclaimed like having speech and again turned back to step away. As I walk, I just noticed I was in dark woods though it is still day. I looked around and I am now all alone. Now where did those two go? Ah, yes, I left them because I really was so angry of what they did.

Oh, I didn’t even notice an old cabin is here. It was standing all alone. My, I felt something so different in this place. I stopped and stared at it. Seconds have passed and I suddenly saw Huford and Inigo step in front of me.

“This is it, the house of Bridgette.” Huford said and then they started to approach its door. I just followed behind them until they started knocking at the door.

I can’t calm my self. I don’t know what I’m feeling now, maybe excited or nervous or anything. The door opened ajar and a face peeped out. Her grey eyes widened when she saw Inigo standing in front crossing his arms on his chest as he smiles at her. Soon, she opened the door wider that I now see her whole appearance. White skinned and a wavy hair. I think she was just our age.

“Long time no see Bridgette.” Huford daringly greeted.

“Now what?” she sighed rolling up her eyes. “Agnes is not here. She’s a little angry at me because she found out that you’re a werewolf.” She said.

“The time will come Bridgette. You’ll be back to your friendship.” Inigo rolled his eyes uncrossing his arms. He stepped in the door as Bridgette stepped aside with her jaw dropped as Huford also follows in. I was about to enter but I couldn’t. Bridgette looked at me with wonder.

“And you brought a girl.” She said questioning them.

Both looked back at me. “Just invite her in” both said then sat down on a wooden chair.

I just awkwardly smiled at her while she stared at me from foot to head then soon invited me in. “Alright, so you planned a party in our house not even informing me! I’m sorry but you have to find for another place because I’m still broke for what happened to me and my friend!” she exclaimed.

“Look, I’m Samantha Roberts and I’m sorry for what happened to you but don’t worry we’ll help you settle that after you help us.” I just interrupted.

“Well, remember the curse Agnes created for them with…my brother?” Inigo rolled his eyes.

Bridgette awkwardly chuckled, “ah, the lover boy’s here to ask for my help. What is it? You wanted me to curse you to forget—”

“Agnes needs your help, she was missing with my beloved twin brother!” he smoothly snapped.

Once again, her jaw dropped and words stocked in her throat.

“It was because of me. I stabbed Benidict and didn’t know that a curse was between them.”

She looked at me in the eyes, “I thought she already broke the curse. She worked 15 days to break it.”

“And now it was seen that it didn’t break.”

“Oh no, my friend what should I do? The only way that she could come back is to break the curse herself!” she cried.

“What do you mean? Where is she?” I asked.

“I don’t know but I am certain not in this world. She was in the dark, dark place where not even a single thing can be seen. She—she may die there!”

“There will be a way!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, I will do whatever curse that I should to help her out.”


THE next day, Bridgette continued working on a curse on the front yard of her house. She already started the work yesterday without any sleep but nothing’s happening. She almost opened all the pages in her spell book but it really wasn’t working.

I offered her a drink many times but she refused it all. Now I can’t do anything but to stand here in the cabin and wait for any outcomes of her work while the two wolves…I don’t know.

Suddenly, I heard a scream outside so I quickly went out to see what’s happening. I gasped with shock when I saw her body burning. Inigo quickly ran at her as Huford immediately threw a bucket of water to her body.

I can’t speak nor move. It was like I’m frozen as I watch them carry her in. I—I saw her face and half of it were burned, also her hands. I followed them and tried to check if she’s okay. “Oh no, what happened, why did she burn?” I asked looking up at Inigo.

“She has tried so many curses but it did nothing until that it started to burn in her body. She didn’t even get rest.” He answered.

“I guess it really won’t work. Maybe she’s right. Agnes will be the only one who can break the curse she created.” Huford spoke.

At first we stared at each other and then I looked at Bridgette who was lying unconscious on her bed. “Will she be alright?”

“She still lives but half of her body was now burned.” Huford said.

Inigo took a deep breath and went out the room without saying any word. I saw his eyes and they were like confused. I followed him out after throwing a look at Huford. He was sitting on a wooden chair outside the door. I don’t know but, something’s like pulling me beside him until I reached his side but I don’t have anything to say.

“Benedict’s always been so special in this world. I envied him since I was a child. But now that he’s gone, I think I lost the only person who loved me like a father and brother.” He started talking still looking at the front yard. “Maybe he’ll still be back.” he assumed.

I gulped, we’re just the same. “Agnes is also the only true friend I got. Like you, I don’t also want to lose her just like that. All we have to do is to believe that Agnes can find a way to be back. Bridgette was hurt and we shouldn’t let her continue working.” I said.


IT hurts but we should believe and have faith on what Agnes can do, that’s what we can only do right now.

“I am sorry I can’t bring her back.” I heard Bridgette said in a very soft voice as I sit beside her bed staring away deeply thinking.

“You’re awake.” I said.

She just deeply sighed as she looks down. “Agnes is the only one friend I got.” She said.

I gulped, she was just as upset as I was. “She’s good to me.”

“She really seems so dear to you.” She threw me a questioning look.

“Well, we’ve been friends. I just really missed her so much. We even used to sleep in my room and tease each other like children.”

She sighed, “What are you?” she asked me looking away as if she found out I was something or someone different.

“I—I’m a vampire.”

“The last vampire,” she wasn’t surprised. “Agnes said you were the only one who could kill the wolves.”

“Yeah, she said that. But it seems like, it was all ruined.”

“Since she was a child, she hated wolves because they were told as betrayers and also they killed her father. Did you know that, she’s almost lost to her self when she found out she loved a werewolf?”

“Inigo told me.”

Both sighed. And next was a long silence.

“The truth is those twins and Huford are my friends. They were different from the others.” Do you think I am insulting my ancestors?”

“I don’t think so.” I don’t know how I answered that however I finished saying it.

“Sometimes I think yes and sometimes I think its no. No one ever said to me that it was neither alright nor very wrong.”

I squeezed my lips as I look down. “I either do not know the answer. We were just the same searching for the best answer to our questions and…”

“What is your question?”

“I do not know there are so many of them—”

“I ask you what your questions are. Maybe you could just give me one.”

“I think it’s silly…but, I think it really should be answered.” I breathed, “I do not harm people but why do I still suffer? Mother Olive died because of me and…and Joshua killed his father I know it was because of me. Joshua was suffering right now.”

“You…hated your self?” I just nodded to her soft question.

“Suppose you were the one in this situation, what are you going to do?” I just asked not expecting for any answer.

“I don’t know either…My mother used to say, Evil can’t be seen by what we physically turn into. It will only be seen through ones heart.”

“A demon’s inside me and whenever that comes out, this side of me wasn’t in control.”

She looked at me with a frown, “my mother also told me the fear is what makes you not your self on those times. Human, vampire, werewolf, witches…whoever we are we can do great things and those gifts we have maybe different from others but it can help them.” She was like also surprised of what she was saying. “My mother didn’t live in those wars before but lived as a normal person however still knowing who she was and what can she do...I was like saying that, prove your self that you’re not a monster.” Then she suddenly laughed, “Did I say a great advice? I also am trying to find things out.”

I snapped and straightened, “so, how do you feel?” I asked changing the topic.

“I feel good. Look, I’m a witch so I can take care of my self. I guess you have to go now—”she stood up like rushing.

“Leaving you here alone? I don’t think so!” I frowned as I opened my arms.

“I know there are a lot of things you should take care—”

“Are you attending school? I am a senior maybe we still can see each other.”

“Yeah, I will attend. It sounds cool, going to school and having friends.”




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