The last vampire

“During the time of Jovin, the world was filled with wars and evil. People are dying without notice for vampires can make their victims don’t remember they fed on their bloods. There are also these werewolves who have always been an enemy of vampires. They also feed on people but not as clean as what the vampires do. Polices and investigators started to suspect about supernatural beings so they warned the people, however nobody believed them. They started to hunt these suspected beings but all of them just died without knowing why. And there are these witches who didn't like what was happening in the world. They worked hard to stop it, but it didn't. They were also slowly dying as they perform some kind of magic which always has payment. But they still failed on every of their plan. These became a conflict between them. Many lives are sacrificed so my grandmother took the side where they should stop their plan. But many still continued the plan."


5. “This day will be the start of your quest."-Agnes

3rd chapter:

ANOTHER morning again…and why is it really so hard to get up on my bed? I covered my face with my pillow to cover the morning light coming from my window. Suddenly, someone pulled it and even my blanket.

“Wake up sleepy head. You’ve got a very important thing to do!”

 Oh crap, Agnes is a torn on my bed!

“We will be late.”

“You can go first, I’m…” I yawned as I rolled back on my bed trying to coil my body so I could get warmer, “always late.”

“Oh, the brat needs a father, so may I?” She sarcastically said then went on the side where I was facing. I just closed my eyes and ignored her… I think I heard something so noisy and it was near my ear. I opened my eyes and immediately sat up. I didn’t have any alarm clock.

“Where is that?” I said and turned as I glanced at Agnes over my shoulder. She was holding an alarm clock as she was grinning as if insulting.

“I brought my alarm clock.”

I just rolled my eyes and stood up from my bed. I just went straightly to my shower room. I wanted to yell at her but I felt lazy to do that. When I closed the door behind me, I immediately again opened it and saw Agnes kiss her alarm clock, “You’re going to sleep on the couch next time.” I said then slammed the door.


AFTER a long walk, we finally reached the school entrance. Agnes glanced at me. “This day will be the start of your quest. We must spot the subject.” She said.

I frowned awkwardly at her and then she chuckled.

While walking, on the hallway with Agnes on my side, I suddenly remembered something which made me stop taking steps. Agnes looked at me, “something wrong?”

“Can we talk private?” I seriously asked her then she nodded.

We locked ourselves in the girls comfort room and there we talked alone.

“I think I met someone called Collin as his family name.”

“Huh? Be careful, there are so many Collins in the world and some of them are innocent.”

She’s right. But— “remember the body we found beside the road?” I asked

“I do and I already reported it to the police, they said he was attacked by a wild animal…”

“But I think they were wrong.” I commented.


 “Werewolf—” we almost said it in the same time.

“Yes, I know that,” she said then shook her head.

“Exactly, I met this Benedict Collin in the forest where you found me before. I think that's a little suspicious.”

We stared at each other with worry. “A Collin werewolf. A son of Gabriel…we must observe him but carefully. You also should take care. Right now, he was here to find you. We must first confirm that he really was one. Don’t make it long before he could first find out who you are.”

I nodded. This made me a little bit nervous. Oh please, I don’t fit this life but I must do what is needed to be done. Sooner I’ll be human too and I can have a face to enter a church. So then, after the conversation and long silence, I  unlocked the door and opened it— someone appeared after I opened it. She was just my height so we are just facing at each other. Her eyes were so circled and wide as if she saw a ghost and her mouth tightly closed. She was standing like a soldier. I noticed some students looking at her butt as they begun laughing. Both I and Agnes looked down and saw what they were laughing at. Ehr…her pants were wet starting from her…you know…from where the urine comes out from the body of a lady.


I sat down on my chair and quickly saw Benedict sitting exactly in front of Agnes’s table. Professor Anne started the discussion but my mind can’t concentrate on her. I kept on looking at Benedict. He happened to turn his head and glance at me over his shoulder when I too exactly was looking at him. I don’t know but, I felt a little shame when we met each others eyes. My eyes widened. He smiled at me and I too smiled back at him which is so sudden then I quickly gazed at Mrs. Anne. Am I blushing? Because I can feel my cheeks getting warmer, this shouldn’t be. After few seconds I took a glance at Agnes who also was looking at me awkwardly. I just answered her with a frown then again glanced back at Mrs. Anne.

“Roberts, is something bothering you?”

Oh, everyone in the class started to turn their head on me. I felt so embarrassed. I also saw Benedict look at me. No, my day was so ruined! “I—I…there’s nothing Mrs. Anne.”


“Then you should listen. You kept on staring at your classmates.” She said with irritation.


Finally she faced back the board and wrote something then faced us again and started to discuss those sickening numbers she had written on the board. Ughr… I can’t look straight and can’t concentrate more. I again slowly gazed at Agnes as the professor kept on talking and writing. Agnes was covering her mouth as she stares at me as if she was silently laughing with insult. She slightly raised a piece of paper with something written on it. “I’m sorry,” it says plus an ugly drawing of an ugly creature laughing so hard with its tongue out. Hahaha…so funny, I thought then rolled my eyes back at the talking fat old woman (the professor).


*peace guys*


I closed my locker after putting my books in. I just noticed beside my locker was Benedict. He was also pulling something from his locker. I think he didn’t notice me because my face was covered by my lockers door. I should go now before he could see me and laugh—I stepped back and took a deep breath.

“Hi!” I greeted. Well, I have something to confirm.

He didn’t answer for a while. He closed his locker and looked at me. From the seriousness of his face, he drew a smile and all went well, he’s cute, I think—

Oh, just ask me for a date, Ben. But he wasn’t speaking. He was just looking at me as if waiting for me to speak. I felt so awkward. I should do what is to be done…I should fix my self. I shouldn’t be like this. I’m a very shy person. Oh, Sam, stop acting like a stupid idiot.

“I-I just happen to see you here.” I breathed, “My locker’s left from yours.”

“Oh, what a coincidence, maybe we should have lunch together.”

I shouldn’t blush. Should I refuse because Agnes is waiting for me in the cafeteria? How could I know that he’s a werewolf by having lunch with him anyway? It’s all what I thought.

“Oh, I’m having lunch with Agnes so I can—”

He chuckled. Ughr…he should stop from showing me those of his!

“You’re really funny. I don’t want to hurt you but…you’re acting like an idiot. You with Agnes can have lunch with me.”

My jaw dropped. Yah, yah, he’s right. How could I not think about that? And also maybe by having lunch with him maybe the start of the observation. How could I not think about that before?!

“Let’s go,” he raised an eyebrow as he looks at me.

“I should go first.” Then I started walking.

He would just follow me. But he reached beside me with his hands on his pants’ pocket, as usual. I gazed at him.

“The hallway is wide enough for us to walk together in line.” He smiled.

My day is completely ruined! I can call it as my day of stupidity.


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