The last vampire

“During the time of Jovin, the world was filled with wars and evil. People are dying without notice for vampires can make their victims don’t remember they fed on their bloods. There are also these werewolves who have always been an enemy of vampires. They also feed on people but not as clean as what the vampires do. Polices and investigators started to suspect about supernatural beings so they warned the people, however nobody believed them. They started to hunt these suspected beings but all of them just died without knowing why. And there are these witches who didn't like what was happening in the world. They worked hard to stop it, but it didn't. They were also slowly dying as they perform some kind of magic which always has payment. But they still failed on every of their plan. These became a conflict between them. Many lives are sacrificed so my grandmother took the side where they should stop their plan. But many still continued the plan."


11. I’m going to kill someone today

9th chapter:

I’m awake. I just can’t wake up from my bed. I just covered my face with my blanket. I don’t know why but I’m still not ready for this new day. I don’t want to see a light, and I don’t want to hear anything. I wanted to stop the earth from rotating and think but I don’t know what to. I closed my eyes until that I again fell asleep.

I didn’t notice what time is it when I woke up. I wore my slippers and stood up from my bed. I just saw my daylight necklace in front of the wall mirror. I grabbed it and wore it around my neck. I gazed at my floor length window which is still curtained with white. I guess I’m really late on waking up.

I went downstairs for late breakfast. I arched my eyebrows. I think I saw someone on the backyard deck. I stepped backwards and peeped out. It’s Agnes standing facing the yard. She was like thinking of something so deep. She’s so quiet. I resumed on walking through the kitchen and made pineapple juice for two. I mixed it with ice, the temperature feels hot. So, I held it and went to where Agnes is standing.

“Pineapple juice,” I offered. It seems like I startled her but anyway, she accepted the juice. “You don’t look like yourself.”

“Am I? I’m just—”

“Thinking of something,” I continued. I gestured my hand and took a sip from my glass of juice. “You have to go for your mother’s burial.” I said.

“Yeah, though I am not ready.” I frowned at her, “I’ll just visit her if I’m ready. I don’t think*sniffles*—I don’t think I am today.” She took a sip on her juice. I just stared at her, “Tomorrow night is the full moon.” My eyes widened, why didn’t I notice that earlier? I’m not looking at my calendar. “Before…Benedict could kill anyone in this town, you have to kill him first.”

“I’m going to kill someone again.” I mumbled as I look down my slippers.

She breathed deeply and drew a smile on her face. She glanced at the juice, “you’re not used to serve better drinks, aren’t you? I mean liquor.” She raised an eyebrow.

“Oh no, no, not now.” I shook my head.

She just scowled and opened her arms. “You’re mother raised you like an angel.” We both chuckled.


THE next day, I prepared my things. I’m going to kill someone today. Something’s like touching my heart but I was good at ignoring. I do it just by walking or anything that makes me move or talking though I still feel like I’m going to explode.

2:43 pm, I started dressing my self. Today I am wearing again skinny jeans because it’s the only pants which I am used to. My shirt was long sleeved, blue and white striped, a little thin and not that fitted on my body. I put my rubber shoes on. I’m not good at dressing my self, really.

*sighs* I am feeling a little nervous. I just found myself in the kitchen searching the refrigerator for something delicious to eat. A big slice of graham would do. I pulled out its container and closed the refrigerator. I turned and gasped, Joshua was there. I didn’t notice that. He was pouring a glass of wine. He turned to look at me and soon pulled a chair for him to sit. I also pulled the other and seated my self. I sliced the graham and put it on my plate. Eating time…it’s delicious. While chewing, I gazed at Joshua pouring and drinking wine.

“Want some?” he asked.

“I didn’t say anything like that.” I said.

He looked down my plate. Well I also almost ate 5 slices of graham. “It’s sweet. Aren’t you getting sick of it?” He frowned.

“I wasn’t”

“You reminded me of you eating the foods that are supposed to be mine when we were still children. Whenever I get pissed, I mumble and wished you’ll get fat as a cow.” He chuckled.

“A cow?” I repeated.

“A cow,” he cleared.

I looked down on my tummy. I’m not fat. I think I have a good shape of body. “I’m really bad.”


AROUND 4 pm, I was walking through the street with Agnes. We went to the house where Spencer locked us in a basement. It was their house. It’s a little hidden from the others. Our house wasn’t near to the other houses but it is not hidden so far like theirs. Their house was in the center of woods where tourists usually hike but not now since they began to be scared when some hikers are starting to disappear and never found. Some says, this forest was enchanted and some says a black fairy was living in. Some also says there are evil creatures living in here and I think that’s the closest of their theories. 

We stopped walking when we saw someone with his upper body unclothed standing beside the tree. He slowly turned his head when he noticed us and we found it was Benedict. His eyes were in fire, he was frowning, and his face expression was so different from the Benedict I met. He looks exhausted.

I don’t know why but as I was looking at him taking steps towards us, something in me was starting to freeze. I can’t move my hands. He was looking at my eyes and I also was. I felt like, everything around me slowed and it’s only the scratches of his steps are what I can hear. Was he controlling me right now? Was he good at hypnotizing? It can’t be. The problem was me so I have to stop it. But he was so close to me now however I saw that he wasn’t looking at me now. It was now over my shoulder and all I know who’s there was Agnes. His eyes, I don’t know but something from his face expression changed. I stepped aside and slightly turned to where he was looking and I was right, he was looking at Agnes as she also does. Her eyes widely opened and his were like begging if I can see it right. Something between that stare, what was it? Now I heard a snarl and looking back to Ben, he really was now turning into a wolf. His eyes were still on Agnes until he completely became a wolf. I gulped, so it is how he looks like. He really was furry, black colored like night…his eyes, he doesn’t know us anymore. He immediately jumped at me and I fell so hard with the weight of his body. Now all I see was a face of a wolf near mine. Is this it, I’m to be his food? 


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