The last vampire

“During the time of Jovin, the world was filled with wars and evil. People are dying without notice for vampires can make their victims don’t remember they fed on their bloods. There are also these werewolves who have always been an enemy of vampires. They also feed on people but not as clean as what the vampires do. Polices and investigators started to suspect about supernatural beings so they warned the people, however nobody believed them. They started to hunt these suspected beings but all of them just died without knowing why. And there are these witches who didn't like what was happening in the world. They worked hard to stop it, but it didn't. They were also slowly dying as they perform some kind of magic which always has payment. But they still failed on every of their plan. These became a conflict between them. Many lives are sacrificed so my grandmother took the side where they should stop their plan. But many still continued the plan."


6. “Am I really going to kill someone formed human? It hurts me—” I started to cry out loud

4th chapter:

 I can’t sleep. I feel like, I wanted to bring back the time. I was so stupid before. It’s so embarrassing! I rolled on my bed—

“Ouch!” Agnes suddenly exclaimed.

She fell on the floor and it sounded so good. I raised my head and glanced down from my bed. “Hey, did you hit your head?” I asked sarcastically.

She stood up with her blanket and returned back our bed. I moved aside for a space.

She faced me. Our faces were almost only an inch close. “What are you thinking?” she asked and I frowned with my lips arched awkwardly.

“You should cut it. You should only think about your mission. You can’t love your enemy—”

“Who said about love?” I immediately sat up and didn’t notice that my voice was raised.

We both looked at each other. She arched her eyebrows and sat up next to me.

“Please, it will only hurt you.” She seriously said.

“Oh stop saying nonsense.” I stood up beside the bed and searched for my night slippers under the bed. Now, where is it?

“Where are you going?”

“If I will succeed on killing Benedict today, can we just fly tomorrow?” I asked.

She chuckled, “you’re crazy. I think you’re the one who hit her head. Are you sure it really was Benedict?”

My face suddenly smoothed. “I—I am still not sure.”

There was a long silence between us. Her smile faded and became serious. “Seriously, when I touched him during our lunch together, it was confirmed that he really was a werewolf but…”

“But what?”


I suddenly felt like I need air. She was saying the truth though she was hiding something, it’s obvious. I just sat down on the bedside. “When will I kill him?” I softly asked.

“When you’re ready, I mean, you should be full in your plan. If you aren’t, you will be destructed and you will fail.”

“Do you know what I really feel?” It’s because I myself do not know of how I was feeling. She closed her mouth and gulped expressing how sorry she was.

“I do. And you’re denying it.”

“Denying what?”

“You’re in love.” I blinked my eyes. She was right. Now I know. This is my first time to fall in love but why him? Is the world playing a game? Was she happy about it?

“I’m sorry I should’ve known he was someone who should die before.” Something cold slid down my cheeks. When it fell on my hand, I knew it was my teardrop. “Hey, why am I shedding tears?” I asked her controlling my voice because I think I’m near to burst out my cry. I felt like I’m a child who doesn't know anything and only crying because I am hurt by any sprain or cuts or—

“Go on Sam. I’m not stopping you. Do not stop yourself.”

“Am I really going to kill someone formed human? It hurts me—” I started to cry out loud. I felt Agnes hugged me as she rests my head on her warm shoulder. I can’t stop, I’m so noisy, I could wake my mom. Why am I crying? What did that guy ever did for me to fall in love with him? I was sure he did nothing that pleased me. And one more, he was formed human, all of those who I should kill. I think I can’t kill them like that. I wish they are completely formed as a wolf, a wolf that could piss me off so I would even want them to suffer and die. Oh, I’m getting mad.

I heard the door slammed open but I didn’t care. I’m sure it was my mom. I just can’t clearly see her because my eyes were filled with tears. I heard her breathe in worry but I didn’t see her figure approach us. I think she was just staring at me or maybe at Agnes who was so quiet. Few seconds have passed and I felt someone hug me as Agnes loosed her arms around my shoulder.

It was my mom, she was hugging me right now and I can also hear her sniffle.


SO, the night was filled with drama and I am so ashamed. I should have reminded my self I am now 17. Oh crap. But I felt my eyes went smaller. I felt like, I need more sleep. Should I get absent today? Maybe I could but I shouldn't. Now what would be my plan?


“How could I kill a werewolf?” I asked Agnes as we walk through the street.


“Stab him with silver dagger or knife or shoot him with a silver bullet. At least they’re not like you—”

“Like me? Could you stop saying that?”

“Shut up, you’re a vampire and you should not be denying it because it won’t help you in your mission. You’re going to be human anyway—what I’m saying earlier is at least they are not like vampires who could rise from death anytime if they weren’t killed properly. Vampires are the hardest to kill you know.” I nodded. Cool.*scowls*


Finally, we reached the school. I took a deep breath and stopped for a while. I’m a vampire who has mission to do. This mission is something serious so I should be more matured. I am in loved with Benedict but I should kill him because he’s a bloody demon. He killed one of my innocent neighbors therefore he needs to be hanged, bit and hanged and buried to the space so that he will not be remembered in this world—that’s too much.


I looked beside me but I didn’t see Agnes. Oh, she was there. Walking towards me, I think she went first and she was just coming back…with a frown in irritation.

“Oh you crazy girl! You should’ve warned me you’re going to stop here!”

“Fine, then why are you so angry.”

“I--!” her face suddenly smoothed, and her eyes lowered, “I was speaking because I thought you were following but I didn’t hear you answer my questions.” She turned red.

My jaw dropped then soon burst with laugh. She rolled her eyes, “can you at least mature?” she said awkwardly and I stopped so sudden.

“Oh yeah, I was about to.” I tried to be serious but imagining what my friend said earlier again made me laugh. Oh, why can’t I just mature?!


I seated my self on my chair after entering our classroom. I don’t want to see Benedict but I should take glances at him. He was sitting and concentrating on the lesson. Duhhh…pretending to be good when he killed someone or maybe more, and why wasn’t he looking back at me?


BREAK time! I attempted to approach the pretending to be a good boy and—did he just walk away? Didn’t he notice that I am to approach him? *sighed*


I followed him out our room but it was like he noticed me so he walked faster. I also walked faster on following him until—now where is he? He just disappeared in a blink. But why, why was he avoiding me? Did he already find out about my plan? No. I rushed through where I last saw him standing and then—someone strong grabbed my arm and covered his palm on my mouth so tight that I couldn’t breathe. I can’t struggle because he was so strong and I couldn’t search for help because he brought me in a dark and empty room. If I’m going to use my supernatural power then I probably will scare people. I was about to bite his hand but he quickly loosed me from his grip. I breathed so deep. That was so deadly. *breathes* I immediately faced—my jaw dropped and my eyes widened, it was Benedict.

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