2. Luke gets jealous

Luke's pov

Ugh why does she only spend time and talk to Calum I'm her step bro not him. Oh god I'm totally not getting jealous. Fuck

6 months later

Lola's pov

Luke's been acting really weird since the last 6 months. He's not even talking to cal-pal and they have been friends since forever I wonder what's up. Well I have a lot of time to figure out its summer break and I'm going to spend with the no other cal-pal. I love that name!!!!

Luke's pov

I can't believe my own ears

She's going to spend the summer with Calum. This has to stop I don't think Calum is the best friend here. I shouldn't even care I have my life and she has hers. Whatever I'm going to call ash and Mikey to come over.

Phone calls over~~~~~~~•

Ash's pov

Luke hasn't called in 6 months straight to come over I wonder if it's about cal-pals and Lola's friendship. I mean she only 11. I mean she texts me nonstop about Calum and he's always there when we skype. I don't know bit the odd.

Mikey's pov

I just hope there's a beer and Lola okay with cal-pal. I mean me and ash trust him deeply but Luke just locks himself in his room. I just hope Lola isn't pregnant with that guy she sees at her elementary school. Hahaha who am I kidding she hasn't seen that guy in 3 months. I think I'm still drunk but ev's lets drive. Greenday where's my Greenday cd. Boom

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