3. hospital

Luke's pov

Hey ash I wonder if Mikey's ok it's been like an hour. I don't know just hope he's not drunk. (Phone rings) will be there. No this is not happening.

Ash pov

No this is not happening, Luke said as he's eyes got puffy and red. Hey mate what happened. Mikey's in a coma...... 4 words you would never want to hear. What will we tell Lola. I I I don't know, Luke said as he was shedding light tears. What will happen next, that's all that ran threw my mind.

Lola's pov

Is somebody crying. Idk I should go check but I should be my happy face shirt on first (I'm always happy)!!!!! Here we go...... Yep someone is tots crying. Hey ash and uh what's with Luke. Uhhhhh Mikeygotinacaraccident, he said in big breath. (So My face turned purple so he new I was mad at the reply.:( ) so I said I told him to say slowly and when the 4 words came out of his mouth. I fell and all there was was black........

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