1. New chapter

Summer's POV:

I ran up to my room crying,my mom and just died she was the only thing I had left,I mean even thought she was beaky there for me she was still my mom,I had lived in Dallas,Texas my whole life but now I was moving all the way to Sydney,Australia,cause I had nobody else here in the states I had to go live with my fav cousin,and best,Calum Hood,yep he's my cousin and I love him,I only met Micheal the other two never saw me,tried from crying for a whole 2 hours I devised I needed sleep,after all I had to wake up at 4:00 in the morning!

*Next Morning*

My alarm went off,very lazily I tried my best to hit it,but failed and knocked it over,I was very suripesed that it hasn't broken yet,I walked over to my bathroom,turned to shower on and stepped in,letting the warm water go down my back,I turned the water off and wrapped the towel around me,and turned on my facet and grabbed my face wash and washed my face with it,duh,then I brushed my now tried light ocean blue hair out and put it in a high ponytail,and grabbed my pink cheer bow and put that in,and then walked out and grabbed my black leggings and threw them on and my two sizes to big all star cheer long sleeve shirt and then grabbed my black and blue converse's and put them on and grabbed my bags,walked down the hall and to the door and looked around one more time.

*skip to landing in Australia*

Calum's POV:

I was waiting at the gate,when I saw summer oven light blue hair,she saw me and ran up to be and hugged me,I hugged her back and kissed her forehead"hey summ's" I said (BTW summ's is Micheal and mines nickname for her)"hey cal-pal"she said and laughed

*skip to arriving at his house*

Summer's POV:

Cal walked me up to my room,even thought I've know where it is for the past 15 years,(I'm 18),I put all my stuff in the closet,and went down stairs,and went to the fridge and grabbed

a sparkling flavored water,and sat down outside next to Calum"hey when is Micky coming over and when are we going to the beach tr"I said mostly asked"in a hour and a 10:00am and where going to the beach we grew up on"he said,the beach we grew up on was a pivart beach a hour away and when I was here cal,Micky,and me would go to every summer and swim,yell at the top of our lungs,and the boys would try to do flips in the water

*skip to next morning*

I woke up on the living room floor in between Micky and cal,I looked at my phone and saw it was 7:00,I woke them up and told them to get dressed and call the boys,I ran up stairs and took a quick shower,and went into my closet and grabbed my aqua and white chervon binik(two piece)and a pair of black shorts that had small rips in them,and then a matching crop top,and my black flip flops that had my name on them,and then I curled my hair into some very beachy waves,and only put on my water prove mascara and light pink @BABY LIPS",and threw the baby lips into my bag and grabbed my Vere Bradley bag and put that in,and grabbed my sun glasses and went down staris and saw cal Micky and what I think is Ashton"hey live I'm Ashton"th-Ashton said,ok I was right I thought to my self"I know cal talkes about u a lot I'm summer Blake"I said"I know Micky talkes about u a lot" Ashton said laughing,"so we ready to go Luke's and the bitch brook are gonna meet us there", we arrived and heard a loud summer I turned around to see my best guy friend and girl friend,jake and cater,I ran up to them and huged them "hey"they said while they hugged my,hey I said back and ran to Calum,who was next to a gut with blond hair in a queue and blue eyes and this girl with brown hair and brown eyes,the guy I know is Luke,the girl no clue,I walked to cal and the blond guy looked at me like I killed him"oh Luke brook this is my fav cousin Summer but me and Micky call her summ's or ocean"cal said"cool hi summer I'm Luke and this is my girlfriend brook"he said and brook,being nice unlike Luke,put her hand out for me to shake then said"want to go to get a drinks while they talk"she said"sure"I said gadly,"k come on"we walked up to the stand thing"so how long have u and Luke been together"I asked"a year,but we don't talk much he mostly is away"she said"aw I'm sorry have u ever siped on him when he leaves"I said"no why would I"she said"well when u was dating this guy named chad he left a lot and when I followed him once I found out he was cheating on me"I said"um ok how about me and u go spy on him next time he leaves"she said"sure"I said back,once we got up to the stand why ored"three stawrberrys bannaz and and there mango madness"she said to this dude. A few mintues later he gave them to us,we walked back to them and gave them the drinks"hey cal is it ok if summer spends the night tonight"brook asked"sure"cal said,after we where done at the beach me and Brooke went to mine and Calum's house,Luke easing spending the night,we went up to my room"ok so u got any cranes"she said"ya and we can set it up near the window and hook it up to my computer then we know when he leaves"I said,we went to bead after everything was set up. *BEEP*went my computer,me and Brooke shot up and went to go look on it,it shower Luke leaving"thank god we set up the camre In his car"we both said at the same time,I got into black shorts and a blue crop top and my filp flops,she got into some black shorts and e pink crop top and filp flops,we both had our hair down and curling,we ran out to my car and jumped in,we turned on my computer,and drove"ok let's see he's driving.......park lane ok he's there let's ok"I said she drove there,once we got there we both jumped out and ran to the back yard,we claimed up some tree and we where right in front of a blond haried girls window,and she was with Luke kissing,thankful we had on black jackets,we climed back down and ran to the car,right when we ran there we saw Luke coming out kissing the girl then saying something to her,and then he walked to his car,we drove back home before he could get home,

Luke's POV

"Love u"I said to my sister,I drove home and saw Brooke in the living room"hey babe"I said "I'm breaking up with u"she said"what why"I said"reasons"I heard a voice say form behind me,I think her name was summer,I forgot,but she was craving the door,I have to say she is hot,I went out to the back and then heard a big clap,a few mins later I saw summer come out holding towles,"hey thought he might need these"she said handing them to me and then she sat down next to me"thanks wait you're not bad at me"I said"no well kinda ya because I saw u kissing this blond girl"she said and blushed"that was my sister ally"i said"oh"she said laughing,god her laugh is cute,she ran and went inside and came back with swimming trunks and a binki,"here but these on"she said throwing me the trunks,mins later she came back in a binki that was blue and white,she jumped in the water and pulled me in,after a while we got brode and she went inside

Summers POV:

I think I have a crush on Luke,well I have cheer tr,and we are moving to east hamptons,I fell asleep and claim woke me up saying we are in the hamptons,wow I guess he carried me everywhere" um k"I said then I saw Luke walk in,Calum put me down and i ran to my room,showered and changed into my red top and a pair of red shorts,for dance

Hi everybody,um one thing in this there's a Abby Lea dance company,and I need a girlfriend for Calum,Micheal,and Ashton and a best friend for summer I think u will know what u need to be one

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