Single, Nerdy, Shy, & Black

Hi my name is Jet and I have a problem I would say 100% of shy men have. Getting the balls to talk to that beauty who just waltzed her ass pass me. This problem has become my greatest fear of all because I know it will cause me to miss out on my 'soulmate'. If I could simply get over it I would but I cant I have many reasons why I am this way and My boys Jerry and Mark don't understand. To see these prospectives you must read it. So Tune in or... Don't. Thanks.


5. Kate

Kate. The first woman I was romantically interested in through the internet. This was years ago before I met Jerry or Mark. Most importantly this was two and a half years after my first real break up. The woman who took my V-Card like  Akuma's Raging Demon Super(ask me later or Google it's you choice).  Now at first it started as a friendship because she found my YouTube video's funny. Then she spoke of getting her and her cousin together to join in. She began sending photo's of herself about a month into our relationship. She reminded me of my ex. Same exact height (5'2), body type(skinny), skin tone(brown with red undertones), about the same, breast size (B-C'S), hair length and color(shoulder), and eye color(coffee bean). She was a cute little thing. They both were just Kate had a little more of a "exotic" look to her. She claimed Cherokee like every other black woman does these days and Some type of Latino heritage. That's completely irrelevant.

Any how we started getting serious and flirting on each other. Sending photos, Explicit ones. That's right sexting before it was a hot thing to do! I admit it! Who hasn't toyed with that monster a lil'bit. I mean 'junk' pix they were always the same. There are only but so many 'Dick Pix' and positions you can take. Soft, medium and full on hard but for her, for every pic I sent there was a video or five new picures in my mail. She was great especially since I hadn't seen a vagina or a set of breast in two years. Well beside porn but that got annoying. Got super-superficial and desensitized to the sight of a woman's nipples. Particularly pink ones with  faded areolas. When I was fourteen I'd pop a button on my jeans in an instant with the sight of giant knockers bouncing and jumping about but now I was like, "Meh" click the search bar and type "Asian schoolgirls" or some other foreign random sex fetish.

So eventually we web-cammed each other and to my surprise she was 100% real. No 'Catfish' here. She spoke to me of anime and music conversing for hours and eventually one of us dropped some slang. I can't remember who or what it was. I think it was "Mo." Where I live it was used as a term used to call attention to a person you didn't really know on a first name basis then again people used it for friend because their too lazy to say a person's entire name; or you're extremely high and can't remember it. I Think she used this and I called attention to it. She stated where she lived. I knew immediately where she was from because It wasn't even 100 miles from my home. I'd been there before and according to my mother was hit on by a Russian woman at the age of fifteen. So what came next. A meeting.

So her birthday was right in the beginning of  Spring, not only that she was on living near a beach and I'm a beach boy original. So for her present I chose to come see her. Took a bus that took me four hours. I checked into my hotel and placed my things down. Showered and got ready to meet Kate. I was extremely nervous, First internet meeting. Hopefully she really wasn't some predator or dateline NBC Chris Hanson. I was twenty and she told me she was turning eighteen on the day I was coming to see her. Sometimes you can't trust these things but I was super desperate and couldn't get the gay men hitting on me out of my head.

So she worked on the boardwalk as a weekend job so I walked around a little because I was too scared and self conscious thinking she wouldn't find me in my nervously dorky self attractive. At the time I was just getting past my emo-goth wear. I was now  wearing fitted black hat(either Yankees or Raiders), gray t-shirts, colorful Hawaiian shirts unbuttoned, blue jeans and all black Nikes. Not stylish at all and not to mention I still had the problem of stuttering and freezing up when I spoke to women.

Eventually I got enough nerve and looked her out. She was helping run the Ferris wheel when she texted me and there I saw her. The little imp that she was. She was just  like her pictures but her eyes were much more stunning. They captured me immediately like a damn Pokémon. She hugged me like a long lost loved one and I hugged her back awkwardly not expecting that. Her hug immediately made me think of my ex and I began stuttering and stumbling over my words. It didn't stop her, she looked at me with love and kept talking; chatting me up. I had no choice but to answer as short as possible. After her shift was done we walked the boardwalk eating fries and cotton candy geeking out. I eventually opened up but and began speaking out more. We began to talk about my videos then about our lives and woes. Then our Ex's.

Eventually we were hip and hip, smiling cheek to cheek, peering at each other from the corners of our eyes. Her hand around my waist mines in her back pocket  of her jeans gripping that ass. Very small one but a nice subtle one. We were moving ubber fast. Ended up in my bed at the hotel watching George of the Jungle cartoon. Then it finally got awkward; quiet and I knew nothing was going to happen. I was too scared. I hadn't done anything in two years and was frozen scared. She had basically done ALL of the progression work to this point and my man instincts were telling me she wanted to be  humped like a gorilla deep in the Congolese jungles but  that testosterone was being stone cold stunnered by my inability to shut my brain down and, "Just do it!" I was too scared till that guy on the metro who said  and I quote, "You have a great ass. I wish I could froggy fuck boy!" came to mind and I immediately grabbed a hand full of her ass, boob and kissed her. Stuck my hands down her pants and felt on her soaked through panties and her the stiffness of her clitoris. Had me wondering how long she been this wet.

Now I bet you expect me to go into great detail about the sex. Well two and a half years can do something to a man. One of those things is make them a minute man (like I weren't already one) but no. It was the opposite. It was like I was running a marathon in that girls vagina. Four hours. My body refused to allow me the climax. Shoot even she got mad about it, which I found odd. I thought to that point all women wanted to grab sheets, cream, drip, scream, and sound like their dying while in the midst of having several orgasms. She loved it. Even whimpering and moaning those cursed words aloud on 5 several occasions which she sounded like a paraplegic with no arms trying to fight someone who was non-handicapped, all ending with she screamed, "I'm coming!"

It's not for lack of effort on her part, her pussy was wet, hot and tight, Sir William just wasn't done snaking that pipe. Towards the end my hands were tucked comfortably behind my head while I watched a filler to one of the world's most popular-shitty-anime as she rode me. She got so anxious at one point riding me she turned off the television and told me to hurry up and cum because her pussy was swollen.

Eventually she gave up and dragged me into the bathroom were we took a bath together. We talked some more then eventually it started again with her talking into the microphone. She preached a great deal. A little too much teeth but still great. Sir William finally tapped out as she tasted her success which according to her tasted like boardwalk fries. 

Note to all guys, if she's gonna tame the snake for you try to eat some fruit or something before you think she's going to do so. That way your soldiers don't leave a bad impression on her taste buds. I didn't know this then because this was only the second person I voluntarily allowed to do such a thing to me. Any who, Immediately after reaching that peak I was bought down.  I don't know if this had ever happened to anyone else before immediately after sex but I am confident I'm not the only one. Like I could immediately see all of Kate's flaws. Although she was a very beautiful woman she was hairy. Not her lady parts but her back. She was like teen wolf three. It turned me off and scared me that happened so fast. One moment she was Halle Berry next she was Sarah Silverman. Not that Sarah is unattractive it's just she look like the type to not shave her back. Not a great example I guess but couldn't think of anything else.

Well we both got dressed and played around in the room before she had  to go home. Tried not to play too hard because we were both tired and hurting. Eventually she went home and I went to sleep. The next day it was time to go home. She came to the bus stop just to say bye. She rode up with her mom in a blue sedan with bullet holes on the side. Immediately thought what am I doing here. She hugged me and began to cry. I couldn't help tearing up too. Would be the last booty I'll be getting till I get another ticket to come down again, then again. Those bullet holes though. 

I got on my bus and booked it back home. The gradually things started to got weird. We both liked each other a lot but something was weird. I started noticing little patterns. Now before I continue this allow me to explain one of the problems with online/long distance dating. You like someone so much you want to talk or be around them but you can't due to the distance. If you don't make time for this person then chances are it isn't going to work out.

Anyway back to the story. So I started noticing little things like her going missing for days on in or her saying 'I didn't have my phone today!' this is a woman who couldn't live without her phone. The final straw was we weren't really talking at all but supposedly going steady with her promising me to come see me in October some time. Never happened then I got a call from some man claiming to be her father, only he sounded a little young for that, and according to her, her father wasn't in her life so yeah. Then he asked me, "Dawg, Did you or did you not fuck my baby!" That question is more estranged boyfriend than anything. Damn and that he was I was "Joe Black dick" and that's it. Turns out she had a real steady and had my on the side. He must of found the dick pix.

Just like a woman to monkey bar me. Just like my Ex before her with that girl. That's right I said it. A girl.

Kate. My first and arguably my worst long-distance/online relationship. Man fuck YOUTUBE! 


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