About a girl who is crazy or maybe not.


6. Epilogue

Many people wonder what became of Dr. Kleen. He was found guilty of killing me because everyone went into the room to investigate and found the camera shut off and his sets of fingerprints on the knife and blood from many other victims. Beatrix replaced Dr. Kleen. She was found as the purest person for the job. At my funeral many people showed up. To show their respects to a girl that had a terrible life. Later Beatrix had found a note I had written to her. She read it carefully and thoroughly many times over.

“Dear Beatrix,

            Thank you for thinking I am not crazy. I appreciate that. No matter how not true it is. I am glad you were in my life. To help point me in the right direction. I wish we could have been friends outside this evil place. Sadly, you had to meet me here. I hope you can help many other people. I wish you happiness and the best of luck in your future at this place




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