About a girl who is crazy or maybe not.


5. Chapter 5

The rage just fills up inside me. “Every day you torture me. Trying to get me to tell you what happened that day. Yet you already knew. You already knew. It was you. You killed my Aunt Silvia. How dare you!” He turns away from me and grabs a knife off the table.

“Too bad no one will believe the story you will tell. About of how sweet, innocent Dr. Kleen killed your Aunt.”

He comes at me and I start screaming. Louder than ever before. I scream a name, a person who I trust more than anyone “BEATRIX”.

“No one is coming for you.” He says. He comes toward me. He cuts my neck, and my arms. I feel drowsy. I can’t keep my eyes open. Then he takes off the straps holding me down. I fall forward. He lays me on my side. Then he stabs himself in the side. An easy place to heal. Then he puts the knife in my hands. He runs over to the door. He acts all frantic. “She attacked me.” The guards rush in past him and come to me. I see their feet rush in on the white floor now covered with my blood. Beatrix rushes in after the guards. She kneels down to me saying that I’ll be ok. It’s hard to hear her. Her voice fades in and out and I get more tired by the second. I manage to slip out these words “Dr. Kleen is a murder. I am truly not crazy.” My eyes shut to the smell of iron from my blood and the voice of Beatrix saying “Don’t die on me.”

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