About a girl who is crazy or maybe not.


4. Chapter 4

I struggle. I flail. I almost knocked out the guard. I was taken to the same chair and strapped down. I struggled until I was to tired to struggle anymore. Then Dr. Kleen came in and stared at me.

“You will give us that information. Regardless of what we must do. “

I kept staring at him. No emotion on my face. I will not give him the satisfaction. Of knowing he got to me.  He rolls out a piece of fabric. On it is a knife, brass knuckles and a taser.  I try not to let a bit of emotion across my face. I cannot stand it. I almost break my stare.

“Tell us what happened!” He says. “We don’t want to hurt you”

“You are the crazy one. NOT ME!” I scream. “All you want is blood and pain. No more. I bet your wife’s ashamed! Ashamed of you. A monster.”

Dr. Kleen pauses then says to the guards “Leave us.” After they have turned away in obedience and shut the door behind them. Dr. Kleen went over to the cameras  and turned them off.

He’s messing with you. He would never! Would he?

He turns around a laughs. More of a cackle really. “My wife’s been dead for years.” He smiles creepily. “I killed her.” He laughs. Odd for him. He is usually so evil, so not happy. His laugh gives me chills. I am scared. There I admit it. I’m scared. I’m terrified. His laugh gives me goosebumps. I am not sure what he will do. I know I am not the one who is crazy. Unless I am. And this is all just a delusion. All fake. Unreal. Imagination. This can’t be happening to me. No.

“Why would you kill her?” I try to stall.

“Why would I want to kill her you say? Well, there are many possible reasons for that.” I have never heard him like this. Strange. Out of it. Odd. “One, she was always bothering me. “Dear when will you be home?” “Why do you spend so much time at work?”. She was so… needy. One day when I came home from work, she wasn’t home yet so I thought I would wait for her, surprise her. Then you know what she does? She walks through the door in a little dress and heels, makeup and everything with another man.” He laughs. “And you know what the worst part is?” He continues “huh? It was my best friend. My wife was cheating on me with my best friend.  MY BEST FRIEND. A man I trusted. A man I thought would not disrespect me. So you know what I did? You know?” I shook my head “no”. I was terrified. I was mad at myself for wanting to hear the rest of this story. But I was just so interested. I wanted to know the true monster that is Dr. Kleen. “I killed them. Both of them. I lied to them and told them I wanted them to sit down to a cup of tea and talk about this. I acted like everything was fine. Then when I made their team. I slipped ether in their drinks, none in mine and I served it to them. I strung them up in my attic. I have no basement so the attic would be best. I tied them to the ceiling. While I prepped everything. I came back up with knives. I had a pistol with me. With a silencer, so they neighbors wouldn’t hear. When they woke. I told them “You must kill each other. If you try to come after me I will shoot you or I will kill everyone who have ever loved.” I held out my gun. I placed two knives on the floor and then cut them down from the ceiling. I played a game with them. They killed each other. Tears streaming down their faces. My wife strung up her lover to the rope. I laughed at them. Pathetic. Love isn’t real. No one can care so much about another. Once they had died. I heard a person walking up the stairs. I hid in the chest. I picked through the crack in the boards. It was a young girl. She had dirty blonde hair and she was pale. She wasn’t as pale as a sheet only slightly darker.” My eyes widen and I gasp. “I knew the girl. I had seen pictures of her from my wife. I had never met this girl in person. But I knew her name Jaqueline Matker. My niece that I had never met.”

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