About a girl who is crazy or maybe not.


3. Chapter 3

I bet he can hear the my screams. The stitches running through my skin after the aggravation of the bullet being plucked out of my skin. Oh, the pain. The wretched horrible pain. I couldn’t stand it. Does he do this to all his patients?  I can’t even begin to think of what the other patients must go through. The terrible pain. The evil. NO! STOP! No more pain! I can not deal with this. No no more. He wins. NO! They are finally done stitching.

“Go back to your room” they say. I stumble back to my room. I fall into the wall and I put the hand up to the wall. I breathe heavily. The white walls begin to close in on me. I come in and out of consciousness. When I finally recover, I feel disoriented, not sure of what is going on.  I stumble down the hallway, using the wall for support. I search the walls for my room. I come across a room that I am not sure if it is mine or not. I fall against that door. It’s locked. I collapse on the ground. I lean my head against the door and cry. I try to stand again. I am just too weak to get up. I crumble to the ground. I see someone down the hallway. I don’t recognize her. She looks different than everyone else. She doesn’t look evil. She looks nice. A feeling of trust wipes over me. She looks at me. Her puffy, wavy black hair sits on her shoulders. She wears a normal doctor suit. She runs toward me. I must look like I’m in pain.  

“Are you okay?” She asks as she puts her hand on my shoulder. Her face is beautiful with her pale skin and perfect cheekbones.

“I need help finding my room” I tell her, trustingly. She grabs my arm and sets it around her neck. She puts her right arm around my back. She lifts me up and I walk, leaning on her.

“What is your name?” she asks me as she turns a corner to the office.

“Jacqueline” I reply, looking at her. We continue to walk down the hallway, I use every ounce of strength I have to keep moving.

“Now, sit down right here and I will be back with your room number” She sets me down carefully on a bench. I lean my head against the wall. I can barely keep my eyes open. She walks over to the office and swipes her key and opens the door. I wait for a few seconds. My head hurts so bad. It feels as if my brain is going to bust out of my skull. She comes back out and lifts me up again. We walk slowly down the hall.

“What is your name?” I ask her.

“My name is Beatrix” she replys calmly.

“Well Ms. Beatrix, why would you want to work at a place like this?” I ask.

“Well Ms. Jacqueline,” she says mimicking my tone. “I want to help people.”

“You mean, you want to help the crazy people?”

“You are not crazy.”

“Oh spare me.”

“It’s true.” She walks me up to a door. The number plate reads 777. She unlocks the door and walks me in. She lays me on the bed. I gasp in pain.

“I know I’m crazy. I’m not stupid.” I turn away from her and face the wall.

“I know you’re not crazy”she says in all seriousness then turns and leaves. I hear the door as it shuts. Closing me in. I stare at the white wall. I think about her face and how their is no evil their.  None at all. Her face is beautiful from the inside out.  But she is a fool. No one of her pureness should come to a place like this.  No one should come to a place of such evil. She needs to leave. LEAVE! Why would you stay here and endure this pain? This evil. I turn my body and lay on my back. My head resting on my pillow. My heart thumping in my ears. I fall asleep to the thumping of my heart.


I wake up when my door is opened and a guard tells me to wake up. I step outside in a single file line and we walk to lunch. A girl attacks a guard in screaming rage. The guard just whacks her on the head then thinks nothing of it. Some other people drag her off to her cell. I don’t even look at her. It happens so much.  It doesn’t even phase me.  The guards take us to lunch. Everyone quietly gets their food then everyone begins talking. Some random laughing, some other person talking to themself. I just sit there alone with only my own thoughts to keep me company. I see the lady who talked to me earlier. Beatrix. She needs to leave. We need to warn her. Tell her of this evil. WHY IS SHE SO STUPID TO STAY HERE? She has way better places she can be. Why here? People who are pure. People like her. Shouldn’t be in a place of such evil. LEAVE! She comes over to me. Disrupting my thoughts. Before she can sit. I almost scream at her. “Leave, get out of this place. Evil lurks around every corner. You are too pure to be here. LEAVE!”

“I am not too pure to be here. Where ever you are I need to be. You will not go through this alone.” She says kindly. She almost makes me believe that she actually cares. Then my thoughts snap. She shouldn’t care.  About me. A crazy person. She knows I am insane. She is stupid. She thinks I can be saved. I know that I cannot be saved. 

“You cannot help me. No one can. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME!” I scream and stand. The guards come over to restrain me, but she waves them off.  Something bad could happen to her. I can harm her. 

“I can help you. I know what you are going through. “

“You ridiculous nurses trying to understand what I am going through. No one can understand. How many times do I have to tell you this?!”

I get up and walk over to the trash and dump out my food. I walk back by her and whisper “The only way to get what you want is to act like you’re crazier than you actually are.”

I continue walking past her. As if nothing has happened. I wander back to my cell. When once again I am stopped by Dr. Kleen. He steps right in front of me. The anger builds up inside of me. I can’t take it anymore.

“No you can not take me. I will tell you nothing. I WILL NOT SPEAK OF IT! I WILL NOT!”

I scream and attempt to run away, but he has guards at every hallway. I am cornered like an animal. I try to act tough. Make myself look taller. Before I realize it. They are taking me away.

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