About a girl who is crazy or maybe not.


2. Chapter 2

    The door opens. The call to breath in some fresh air and see how the world has changed around us. It’s getting colder, the trees losing leaves. Death all around. White covering the color around us. I stare at all the other inmates. Some have face masks on because they are cannibals. Filthy, disgusting cannibals. They are crazy not me! I feel the unnatural bump in my shoe, the knife. I look at another inmate. She stares at a wall and is talking to no one. Another girl is standing against the fence acting like a zombie. They are all crazy, all of them! How do I compare with these girls? I do not eat people or yell at walls. I am not crazy. Nobody understands. No one will. My eyes shifted to the door with guards. One came toward me. I dropped to the ground and acted like I was picking at the grass. I pulled the knife from my shoe and held it in my sleeve. The guard walked closer. Every second my heart beating faster. I could hear my heart in my ears. I grew warm all over. Every step I heard.

“It is time for another interview” She said. Her voice soft but her face evil. The flicker of change in her face.

I slipped the knife out and stabbed her. I shoved the knife into her stomach. I felt the liquid, warm and disgusting. I pulled the knife out shoved it in my pocket. Guards came out of no where. With every ounce of strength I had left, I ran. I ran fast, faster than ever, not sure where I was going. Not knowing what they would do.

“STOP! STOP!” They yelled as I continued to run.

    I felt something dig into my back. My back arched, I fall to the ground. My knees slamm. It hurt like heck. I couldn’t move. My eyes open, I lay on the ground. I watched their evil faces as they lift me up and take me to the interview room. Once inside that room they strap me to a lay down chair. I can’t move. I stare at the mocking mirror. Showing me with tangled hair and a face not like the others. Not evil. I am not evil, not like them. I tell myself. Dr. Kleen walks into the room, while the other guards are still wrestling me down. I stop and stare at his ugly evil face. They finish strapping me in. Dr. Kleen pulls out a knife. The knife. The one I stabbed that lady with. It’s is still disgustingly red.  He put it next to my face.

“Now Jaqueline, You should not have done that. Going all crazy on that guard.” He says as he paces.

“She was evil. All of you are evil. Under your human skin is evil, monstrous evil. Don’t act like I am the bad one. You are ALL OF YOU ARE.” I am getting angry. I feel my face heat up. I struggle against my restraints. No use. I am trapped still. Like an animal. Stuck here until escape.

“We are not evil. We are only trying to help you.” He steps closer. I try to move away. He pulls the knife up and cuts my arm. I don’t scream. Screaming would give him the satisfaction of knowing I am injured. I will not give him that kind of power. NEVER. I just stare at his eyes. I smile at him and shift my head. “You will never have power over me.”  

“Oh but I do” he replies with a sinister look in his eyes. “You do live in here. I own you. I can take away your food and your room. I can make sure every guard tries to beat you up.” He finishes his sentence swiftly.

“They already do. I am not stupid. I can kill you all. I am not weak.” I say and when he least expects it I bite the knife with my mouth and through it to the side. Like an animal. I smile at him. I stare at him as creepily as possible. I am going to scare him so he will not think he owns me.

“When I get out I will kill you all.” I say as I lay back against the seat. If I act tough they will think twice before messing with me. I have already stabbed a guard there should be need for no more violence. I stare at the ceiling. My eyes follow the crack in the wall. I stare at it hoping I could escape, just shrink down and crawl through the hole and escape. Just run away and never look back. I am not tough. I fear what will happen to me. I am afraid. Acting tough is just a way to get people to leave me alone and not bother me, and not to be rude. It doesn’t always work, the doc can see past that. Every word I say, he can tell it is a lie. I can see it in his eyes. He knows everything. He knows that when I say “I am going to kill you” I don’t mean it. I am to afraid that I will get caught again. I feel a sudden pain run through my stomach. I snap my head down. He rammed the knife into my stomach.

“You….can’t ….. kill me…. you need me…….to tell you the story…….. in more detail” I say in between huge breaths.

“Oh but my lovely patient. You won’t die. I didn’t stab you in a place to kill you.” He turns his head to the men who brought me here. The men I hate the men that I would kill if I was stronger… braver. “Fix her up” he turns away then says “With no anesthesia.” Those are his last words before I am pulled out of the chair and drug down the hallway. I allow myself to cry. There is no use in holding it back any longer. The doc can’t see me. I am not brave enough for this. I can’t handle it. When we have recess time. I will do it. I will finish myself off. I will not stay in a place with a bunch of tormentors. I WILL NOT. I can’t deal with it. Maybe I am crazy……

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