About a girl who is crazy or maybe not.


1. Chapter 1

“I’m not crazy” I say as I stare into the soul of my tormentor, Dr. Kleen. I smile a huge smile and laugh. “Why would you think I am crazy?” I turn my head to the side. He looks at me and says “I don’t think you’re crazy. I just think you are a normal human being who has some issues”. He stares at me, completely calm. The white walls stare down at me. The metal chair laughs at me. The mirror mocks me. The doctor’s outfit, makes him seem like an angel. He’s not! The chains around my wrists bite into my skin. The cold sting of the metal. My shoes pinch the tip of toes. My clothes would sway as I walk. The wind rushing through them.

“Aren’t we all a little mad?” I ask, my head low. I stare up at the doctor.

“Why don’t you tell me again about the incident”

He takes his cheap glasses off of his smug face. His pale skin and dirt brown hair are just another thing I hate about this place. He folds up his glasses and holds them in his hand, gently, not harsh, gently. I bite my lip. I fold my arms on the table and set my head down. My dirty blonde hair rests at the sides of my arms. My pale skin is only slightly darker than the white of my outfit. My blue eyes rest on him.

“I’ve told you this story a million times doc. There is no reason to tell you about it again.” I cover my mouth with my arms, so only my eyes are showing.

“I don’t remember the story. You told it so long ago. I have a short term memory you know.” That evil smug smile, stupid. He thinks I don’t know! He thinks I don’t know what he is trying to do? STOP BOTHERING ME!

“You can’t make me tell the story again, never, not ever” I scream. Such a loud scream. A terrified scream. The doc pushes the button under the table. Standard protocol. Men with sticks and tasers run in. They grab my arms. I feel a sharp pain in my side. My screaming gets quieter and quieter. The doctor gets blurrier and blurrier. For a second, just a mir second, his face is that of an evil one. I see no more.


A man stands in front of me. He stands, limp, head fallen to the side. The scene changes, his feet are off the ground, his neck has a rope around it. NO! I scream. People appear around me. They get closer and closer. The world closes in on me. I scream, a less high pitched scream. I wake, face down, on the floor of my cell. The guards must have thrown me in here when I lost site of the world. I push my weak body off of the ground. I stare out the window. Everyone else in here is crazy. I am not crazy. Everyone else in the world is crazy! THINKING THEY CAN JUST LIVE THEIR LIVES IN HARMONY! That’s not how the world works. It is never how anything works. I turn my head to my enemy. The guard. Sergeant Lian.

“Cell check” he says with a smile on his face. Same smile as the doc. Fakely friendly and evil. The door to my cell opens. Guards come in and grab my arms and take me outside. They don’t want what happened last time to come again. They are just too weak. I hear a crash as everything I have in my room is flipped over. I look at a guard. His face swollen and arm still around my arm. My room is done being flipped over. I hear his boots clunk against the floor as he comes out of the room. They toss me in my room. As quick as a flash I get up and punch the police guy in the face. That, oh so evil, face. He backs away as the other police officer comes at me with a stick. I grab his stick and whack him in the face. Don’t you ever do that again! I punch the other officer and run out with the stick. I run as fast as I could the floor squeaking under my feet. The doors telling me I will never get there. But I will, oh I will. I run to the doors and push them open. The bright light of the sun shines in my eyes. My eyes open. Sergeant Kian is shining a flashlight in my eyes.  So close to escape, so very close. I could have gotten to it. Just past that door lyes freedom. Freedom, sounds like such a distant word. A strange word that means, to us, peace and paradise. I blink multiple times. My upper lip feels wet. I move my hand a touch my lip with the tip of my fingers. I pull my hand back. I smell iron, a disgusting smell. The liquid on my hands confirms it. Blood.

“Wake up” the Sergeant says as he pats my cheek. His knuckles are cracked. “Now Jaqueline, you should never attack a guard, that just makes it harder on yourself.” He hands me a piece of cloth. I wipe my face off and try to stop the bleeding. I look around with my eyes. I am in my cell. Except everything is turned over and out of place. I decide to let it go. I relax. The Sergeant leaves. I hear the click of my cell door. No freedom. I am trapped. I push my self up, with every ounce of strength that I have. I lean against the door and stare at the Sergeant’s handy work. I go over to my bed and un flip it and set it back up on the skeleton frame. I run my hands along the edge of the mattress. I find the whole. I reach into the broken mattress and grab my knife. It’s still there. They suck at doing their job I smile. I take off one of my shoes and stick the knife under it. The knife is covered with cotton from the mattress. If any officers attack me again I can kill them. Once and for all the pain will be over. No more stupid guards. They will know who is boss. No one will mess with me anymore. I will be leader of all.  I sat on my bed, watching and waiting, for the time the door opens and I may go outside. Watching, Waiting.

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