The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


9. Victory Tour-2

A whole lot of bull shit later off of those stupid cards, and a whole lot of pointless days traveling from district to district, I finally(dreadfully) made it to district two, party time, whoop whoop. His parents and younger brother(Andrew, 6) will be there, upset, heart broken, and probably shocked that I would kill him considering that he was my 'brother' after, you know. So here I go, this retarded speech in my hand(which I know by now to only reference. I might not even do that), and a grim look on my face, but a proud posture. I step out and face the crowd of people from district two, slightly more elaborate than the other districts, but certainly not district 1 or the Capitol. I see Jay's face projected on a giant screen, his parents and brother standing on a platform under neath it. I make eye contact with his family members, his mom(Dana) looks about to cry, his dad(Charles) keeps a stern face, he was always a serious guy, and poor little Andrew, tears in his eyes, probably just started his training, and his big brother who is supposed to help him, is dead(or so he thinks). I decide to start, "Hello everyone, I am honored to be a victor of this years games. I know a family has lost a child, many families have, but that's the hunger games there has to be a winner." I pause deciding that I need a change of style. "Malec was my older brother, you may remember him, he was the tribute that stopped the Capitol from getting it's victor. When he died Jay(dramatic sniffle and slight sob) was the only one I(pretending to start to cry)had left, he was a second brother to me. It broke my heart when the time came, but I knew it had to be done, and I knew Malec would be proud that I made the tough decision like that."(starts fake crying) "Andrew, be the greatest fighter you can be I'm sure your brother will be very proud of you for volunteering one day. Dana and Charles your raised a fine boy who became a man the moment he died. I know you will be just as great for Andrew" I finish off with the signature "Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever" cheers and claps erupt from the crowd, not a first for district two, I am not surprised. I exit and Chuck claps at my performance, I curtsy. "That was nice," "good acting" he whispers. I can't wait for this stupid trip to be over. "Off to district 1" Kevin says cheerfully. I get on the train, which is currently bringing me to district 1. I will make a tribute to Wilge especially, he was a great guy. As we approach district 1, I loose my breath.

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