The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


8. Victory Tour

A few days ago I was rescued from the torturous arena, and survived the so called hunger games, yay....I re-united with Jay at the victors village(in my house). He watched my ceremony and said I looked beautiful, he also said he had fun taking out the guards. He told me the whole story how they were so surprised, and taken off guard. He also told me about burning the hover craft and the celebration that followed with Chuck, whom he lives with. Today I am beginning the long, and pointless, victory tour, where everyone is still upset, mad, depressed, all of the above, about there child being killed(maybe worse if it was by me). I've had a couple nightmares about Jay's parents, the look in there face when they see me, them knowing I was that one who killed their son(even though he's still alive and they just don't know it.) Jay is planning to show up the last day of the victory tour at the Capitol to finish off the plan and give president snow a nice surprise(Hahahaha). I get ready in some(quite awful, so not me) Capitol clothing. Yes I am forced to wear those atrocious clothes. We are on the train, Chuck and I, and are silent. Of course I start at district twelve then go to one and finally the Capitol, hurray. I'm not surprised Chuck doesn't tell me anything, but man dies Kevin. He gives me cards, that every victor is required to read off of. I might change it up a bit, add my own twist, but it will generally be similar. I prepare myself as we approach District 12, speech in hand, fake smile, and I'm ready.

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