The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


13. Torture Fest

Let the 74th annual torture fest begin. So Jay came out on my interview to see how I was doing any news and what not. Caesar had a loss of words when Jay stepped out, I could almost hear everyone gasp which made me smile. So now it's the stupid reaping, I am with Jay on the train waiting for our tributes to greet us. I'm pretty sure they will have volunteered, as careers always do. I'm fifteen now, and Jay is sixteen, there is still a chance we can get tributes who are older than us. Finally after what seems like forever Kevin comes in and behind him are our two tributes, I'm already terrified of them, they look to both be about eighteen. The boy is really buff and the girl has a look that says, 'I'm going to kill you." They sit across from us, "If I would have known we were getting mentored by kids, I wouldn't have volunteered," the boy says. "If a couple of kids can scare you away from the games, then maybe you aren't prepared for the games," I respond, Chuck walks in, request from me that he would supervise Jay and I's first mentoring. "Do you tributes even know who she is?" Chuck says, they shake there heads. "That is Clace Altan, winner of the 73rd hunger games, and that right there next to her is Jay Iparing, her district partner for the games. Yeah he's alive. Surprise." The tributes don't seemed faltered by his comment, he shrugs, "Who are you guys? Name age, that's it I don't want to hear a life story," I say. "I'm Clove, 18" the girl says, "Cato, 18" the boy responds. "Well Cato and Clove I'll have you know unlike other tributes, us careers don't need to much advice on how not to get killed, or on how to kill other tributes, but let me tell you this; This will be the best mentoring you receive, I can help you both get out alive, when you come back after winning this will be your position and my position, right there where Chuck is sitting." I point to where Chuck is sitting. "Now I know as a career it's easy to be intimidating, the other tributes already fear you before they find out who you are. The mere mention of the careers scares them, what you might want is sponsors, and you can get those from the Capitol folk, make them love you. Like I said earlier it shouldn't be to hard, your careers they already like you, you just need to take you skills to the next level." I finish. "Now let me tell you one thing, when you get to the games there will be a tone of weapons in the cornucopia, go for the weapon that your the best with first, then grab others. Try to kill as many people as possible in the blood bath, it will be easier for you later." They nod, I have no other advice left, I'll just let the games play through, see what happens.

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