The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


1. The Reaping

I hate the reaping. HATE it. Why, because in district 2 people volunteer to be in the games. Why?! This year it's my turn to volunteer. Great. It's not like I won't volunteer, I will, I have to, for my older brother Malec, who was my parent ever since my mom and dad died. I was four, he was six,when they died. He was in the games two year ago at age 15, I was 12, turning 13. He volunteered because he had to, he was in the games, made it to the end in fact, but when he was sure he was the last person alive he went to the woods where he had a rope set up and hung himself, before they could get him. That year there was no victors.

He did that to show his rebellious side, the Capitol wasn't very happy, but the districts took it as a spark of hope, he started a fire, which needs a tone of coaxing before it becomes a big flame. I now enter the games to follow in his footsteps, although I hope I will find another way, other than taking my own life to be rebellious. I guess volunteering won't be that bad, I've had all the training necessary and I couldn't be more prepared. Besides it will be pretty fun to kick the other tributes' butts. Then there's our allies, district 1, who will be fun to work with until we have to kill each other.

The district announcer, Kevin, begins. His dark monotone voice fills the area as his voice reaches the mike. "Welcome everyone to the 73rd annual hunger games." Then out of no where his voice become cheery and not monotone. "Alright who shall be picked?" He takes the paper and before the name is even read, "I volunteer." I say proudly, like how Malec told me to sound, he taught me everything before he died. I walk on the stage. "Ok, now for the boys." He takes a name out "Finch Grandsworth" he says. Three seconds pass, silence.

I guess the boy tribute wasn't as eager as me about- "I volunteer" I hear a familiar voice say. He sounds like the pause was supposed to happen, like he was just having a conversation about weapons, then decided to volunteer. Normal everyday life, right. The boy walks forward, I can't see his face but I do see the top of his head. I think it might be one of my brother's friend's brother.

Then he gets up on the stage, and I see him perfectly. He isn't one of my brother's friend's sibling, he's my friend, who is practically my brother. It's Jay Iparing. Oh that's just great, now I have to kill my best friend, who was my ONLY CLOSE FRIEND WHO WAS PRACTICALLY FAMILY AFTER MY BROTHER DIED!! "Your tributes" Kevin pauses and whispers "what are your names?" "Clace Altan." I say, "Jay Iparing."

Jay replies in a non-nervous voice at all. "Clace Altan and Jay Iparing." Claps are followed, I don't know why it's a thing that happens every year, shocker. We exit and hence begins our journey to the Capitol, where we will train, be interviewed, all that jazz, right before they send us into the arena, where we will have to kill each other. Fun.

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