The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


7. The Last Strive

I don't bother going into the woods, I know the games well, the tributes will be dragged out of the woods to the cornucopia, where I will be waiting, by some mutt that the Capitol has created. I'll wait on top of the cornucopia, jumping down only to kill someone, or a mutt, and hey why not both. I see a hover craft come to take Jay's body. I'm impressed with his ability to act dead. Now our plan is closer to being complete. It starts getting darker, I sit and wait in a silence. I hear what sounds like a bird screech. I then hear a scream, sounds female, a cannon goes off a few seconds later. I then hear bushes rustling, I see a guy running right for me with a look of fear in his eyes, he doesn't even see me. Although behind him I see another girl running, he is yelling to her "Come on Cherice run." I see the girl sprinting to him, then I see what they are running from. I gulp when I see what the Capitol created. It looks like a pterodactyl with a lion mane and four legs. Well I decided that if I kill the boy and girl, the pterodactyl lion thing will go away. So I jump down and kill the boy, his eyes held so much surprise. Just as I look away and hear the cannon go off, I see the pterodactyl lion thing eat the girl. Another cannon goes off and the pterodactyl lion thing goes away. I scream a "Yes!" Into the air and a hover craft comes to pick me up which means Jay completed the plan. I get to go on victory tour and face all of the families who's son or daughter(maybe both) I killed, fun. The worst is going to have to face Wilge's parents and maybe siblings, as well as facing Jay's parents and sibling(because he isn't dead). It's going to be a whole party, yay......I get get to the capitol and find Kevin and Chuck standing there, they both hug me. "Congratulations Clace" I hear a voice come from behind me. I recognize that voice any day. "Thank you President Snow" "What an honor it is. Come let's get you changed to receive your rewards." I follow president snow down this hallway to a mahogany door. He opens it and gestures me to go inside I do and inside the room is huge. Like ones you hear about in fairy tales, the ones that princesses live in. There is a big window which brings in light, actual sun light. I see a light blue dress, which the back drapes down further than the front, with a row of crystals just under the bodice. I see silver heals which have small bedazzlement on the sides in a small flower like shape. I step into the bathroom, and find it to be as magical as the room, only slightly smaller. There is a magnificent shower with depth, and greenish greyish blue tiles. The clear glass walls and door surround the area. A huge sink vanity is close by with the toilet enclosed off by a door. There is a giant tub on the other side, which looks almost big enough to be a hot tub. A rack of towels hangs I between the shower and tub. The towels are white and gold with the Capitol symbol on it. I undress and turn on the shower, the blasting water pressure feels great, I have a warm shower, washing my hair and body, until I'm super clean. I dread getting out, but I know I can't stay in here forever. I step out and dry myself with a towel before warping one around my body. I exit the bathroom drying my hair with a cordless blow dryer, the Capitol has everything! I step into my dress which fits me quite well. I smile at the two light blue spaghetti straps. I put the heals in and straighten my hair, braiding a little piece and holding it back with a magnificent silver flower clip. I add a little touch of make up only accenting my natural features. I smile at myself in the full size mirror, Jay would be breathless if he saw me now. I sigh at the thought and step outside, Kevin takes a deep breath, "Oh wow, you did an excellent job on the hair and make up, and what a Devine dress the president picked out for you." He says, his voice sounding light and cheery. "Not bad Clace, I'm sure Jay would...have loved it." I notice how he paused, that really proves that my plan worked, and that Jay is alive and hidden. "Yeah" I say, I look down, pretending to be upset. "He really liked you, just never got a chance to tell you. I figured I should," this comes from Kevin, I smile at his effort to cheer me up, I can feel the falseness of my smile. "We walk down the hall to the grand double doors that open to the crowd of Capitol people waiting to congratulate me on my victory, well survival. I hear president snow introduce me, I walk in and curtsy. I sit, president snow talks a little more before calling me up and placing a gold crown on my head. I smile and look proud. "Malec would be very proud of your accomplishment, seeing that he died before he could except his crown." I flinched at the mention of Malec's name, but what roared in me louder was anger at what president snow said 'oh such a shame that your brother killed himself, you'll just have to suck it up' well you know what president snow fuck you.

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